ĎRoom 22í is set in Cairns , Australia and is a thrilling, thinking manís whodunit with a myriad of twists.  
A serial killer is on the loose on the beaches of Cairns and is terrifying the community and Frank Holler must catch the villain quickly. The mysterious Jack Firebrace may be the link that Frank needs but will he figure it out in time to save the woman in Room 22.  
Every person Frank meets raises the level of intrigue as the wide variety of suspects and interesting people whose lives are intertwined with twists and turns keep the reader guessing to the very last page

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ISBN:   978-1-921240-39-3
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 242
Genre: Fiction


Author: Bernard J. Rossi 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2007
Language: English


About the Author    

Bernard Rossi was born in Frankston and lived there until he joined the Royal Australian Air Force at 20 years of age. He spent 11 years in the RAAF as an engine fitter working with the Roulettes and on F111s before owning and operating his own business. Bernard has worked in mines and hotels and has spent time in the Public Service. He has been writing in one form or another for almost thirty years and has had a number of short stories and poems published and is now concentrating on his books. Bernard still works full time as a manager in an IT area but is spending more and more time concentrating on a career as a writer.



I want to tell you about the incident, in fact I need to tell you, but how much I dare tell you I still donít know. Until recently Cairns was a relatively calm place, where locals generally werenít afraid of much, and really didnít think they could be shocked by what ordinary people did. Then Jack came to town.

       I still shiver when I think about what really happened but donít get me wrong, Jackís really just an ordinary guy day to day and to emphasise this I guess I should give you some background before telling you the story.


Jack joined the forces at a young age, around twenty years old. Prior to this he had been a lost soul, his own words, drifting from job to job and relationship to relationship. Some things have changed, some havenít. Jack was not only learning to be a soldier and honing some hand skills that would prove vital in years to come, but he was also developing the people skills that would help lead him into the situation I want to tell you about.

       Even back then he was a risk taker and maybe that led in part to the tale I shall share later. Jack was very strong willed and didnít allow others to stand over him, and yet he was extremely popular and successful in an environment that thrived on discipline and ensuring people did exactly what they were told. I donít want to dwell on this area as although his service career partly shaped the events that would later take place it really doesnít give you an idea of the real Jack.


How do I describe him? Huh, thatís a tough one. Jack takes full responsibility for what happens to him throughout his life, never blaming others for any misfortune that befalls him. He has total control of his future. The most optimistic person you will ever meet, and this in part explains his total preoccupation with being positive. Again, this may in some way have led to the events that were to follow. The major point you need to know is that he has a mind so strong that even now it is hard for me to imagine, and he believes that if you control your own mind you can achieve anything, and as you read on you will see he really does mean anything. Maybe at some point that changed to everything but only he knows that for sure. He also has this amazing ability to influence those around him and that was in essence what started the ball rolling right back there in the beginning. Sadly, his energetic mind which proved to be his greatest strength may also be his major weakness.

       Jack believes the human mind is so strong that we could in fact heal our own illnesses and injuries purely through the thought process, if only we knew how to use it. He is living proof of this according to his doctors, if you can believe what a doctor tells you, especially when theyíre not being paid. Further to this point, many of the diseases that have plagued our species over the centuries were really more in the mind than physical in his opinion, and who is to say for sure that he is wrong? Imagine if we could heal cancer by merely willing it to be gone!! Is it possible? I donít know, youíd have to ask Jack but maybe you will be closer to being a believer by the time you have read my story.            

       I would now add that when someone has the power to use their mind to such an extent they also must be able to control it.

       Physical appearance you will come to work out for yourself; although in some way he may be there assisting you and you may feel him watching through your own eyes as you read my account of what took place. You may also wonder whether it will ever be possible to see the world in the same light again. If you are not prepared to have your long held beliefs challenged by the events that take place in this book then perhaps it is time to swap this book for a romance novel, slide your feet into your furry slippers and curl up nice and snug in your safe little bed.

       I have somewhat recovered from those chilling events, and be sure I was very much a part of them, yet I wonder whether he may still be with me in some form and I guess only time will tell, but undoubtedly his influence lingers on.

       Donít get me wrong as you read my preamble, I do not blame Jack for the events that occurred, he was merely a victim of circumstance who reacted in a way that was dictated by his own beliefs.  A chain of events that could not possibly have been predicted and therefore could not easily be avoided. Sure mistakes were made by many people but isnít that always the case?

       There are things that go on in Jackís head that he doesnít share with anyone, of that I am sure. Things that he dare not even share with his wife, although he talked many times of getting them down on paper so others can hear about what he feels and the things that he enjoys and finds important. Maybe one day that will be vital information for an up and coming scientist who thinks he can make a name for himself.

       I can tell you that he loves life and he believes that if you enjoy something then you should do it regardless of rules and laws that might otherwise constrain us. His only proviso to this is always that no-one should be hurt, other than himself. This may be hard to believe when you hear my story, but above all else start by believing this; Jack never meant to hurt anyone.  

       I guess you know enough about Jack Firebrace for me to start now, and Jackís thoughts on the power of his mind is where it all started. As we take this treacherous journey through a tale, that even now is not clear in my mind, I will attempt to fill in any gaps that I may have overlooked about Jack. As to travel through this with only part of the information could leave you scarred for life.

       Iím not sure even now just how much I can risk telling you for your own sake and your own sanity but I must say right now that if you choose to read on you do so at your own risk. You will experience some moments of sheer joy and you may be moved at times to believe anything is possible, but you will also find yourself staring at the depths of human behaviour and I pray that your mind is strong enough to find the truth in all this. By that I do not mean that there are things in this book that are not written as they happened or as they have been relayed to me but for every individual there is a limit to what their own mind will accept as reality.

       How open and prepared to accept reality is your mind?

       I have stalled long enough, so let us go back to the where things began to happen. God, give me strength to finish that which I have started.  

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