Peeta is a boy growing up in the south of Sweden, who is constantly getting into trouble. But, by using his entrepreneurial skills he always seems to get what he wants.  

He encounters an extraordinary adventure when he discovers a secret society – from the year 1280 AD – hidden below the local park where he lives.  

The society introduces Peeta to the POWER OF  NUMBERS and we see the devastating effect they can have on him and the Universe of numbers.

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Genre: Fiction

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Author: Peter Oredsson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English



Peter Oredsson was born and raised in Hässlehom, Sweden. At an early age he managed to be considered as a naughty child by his parents, teachers and peers.

He completed only nine years of compulsory schooling with marks well below the average standard. This forced him into hard labour jobs in different factories. At the age of only sixteen years he moved away from home and became self-sufficient.

As a twenty-three year old, Peter migrated alone to Australia. He did not have a great knowledge of the English language, but that did not stop him from finding gainful employment and a wife who blessed him with two children.

He had natural tendencies towards sales and marketing and persuaded a multinational industrial company to employ him as a technical sales representative. This created an interest in further education and, after seven years night school, he graduated with a degree in business majoring in marketing.

This provided him with the opportunity to mix with the business elite around the world as a Marketing Manager, Global Sales Manager and Managing Director. He also acted as a marketing consultant to many major international companies through his own company.

Peter is a first time novelist with ‘Peeta Oreda and the Power of Numbers’, he has promised however, that if you enjoy this book he will tell you more about the adventures of Peeta.

This talented and creative new novelist is also currently working on an adult version of how life can play tricks on you.




I came into the world with thunder and lightning on the 1st of September 1951 at 2.47 am in a small town called Hässleholm in Skåne, which is in the southern part of Sweden. It was the worst weather they had in decades on this first day of autumn…

It was the same year that the colour television was introduced in the USA when their population was only about 155 million.

You could tell by my birth date that it was not an everyday occurrence. As a matter of fact the last time it happened was on the first of August during the 1800s. Only people born on the 1/8 and 1/9 can use their birth year to describe the day, month and year they were born, for example in my case 1/9/51, see what I mean…it must be something special. 

Of course the Swedish government wants to have something to do with your birth date as well; they add four digits behind it, to create a personal identification number, which is unique in Sweden. To the Swedes you can’t legally exist without one…


My number is: 510901-2747


I am the only person out of 9 million Swedish people with this number and based on my experience it’s a living force within itself. It will manipulate, punish, protect and reward you as it pleases. The outcome of your life depends on it; either an evil or good force issues your number…

I have always had a street address with either the number 27 or 47 in it. I even have 47 in my car registration, phone number and bank account number. My daughter’s birth date is 4/7, my parents live at number 47, the last four digit in my personal identification number are 2747 and most of my relatives are born on the 4th.

 The strange thing is that I am not looking for it, it just happens…

Luckily I am not living in Asia where 4 is regarded as bad luck. In Japan the pronunciation for four is ‘shi’ which means death, and in Singapore the elevators don’t have a fourth floor, they go straight from the 3rd to the 5th floor.

There is even an international interest-group that follows the occurrence and recurrence of the quintessential random number: 47. Many suspect that the coincidental nature of 47 carries some mystical, metaphysical and scientific significance.

The phenomenon may have first been documented at Pomona College in 1964 when Professor Donald Bentley proved that all numbers are equal to 47. Nearly every Star Trek episode has included some mention of 47, and of course the most recognized 4/7 of them all happened in the USA during 1776, “on their independence day.”

47 is also related to the Atom bomb which was dropped by the US Government on Hiroshima in Japan on, 6/8 1945 at 8.15 am: 6+8+1+9+4+5+8+1+5 = 47.

This can be analysed in many different ways depending on where you stand. On the positive side, it stopped a war and made people realise that the atom bomb was an evil weapon which should not exist. On the negative side, it killed around 300,000 people, destroyed a whole city. 60 years later people are still born with illnesses caused by the bomb’s radiation.

Sadly all my numbers are being prostituted today. Businesses that offer 24 hours a day service, seven days a week are classified as 24/7. You can’t have anything to yourself anymore…

Based on my experience I believe that the characteristics of the number 27 are almost as good as 47.

For example 51 ÷ 1.9 is 26.84. Rounded up it’s 27, and therefore means it is very much related to 1/9/51. Including themselves, if you add up all the numbers between 2 and 7, the total is 27 (2+3+4+5+6+7 = 27) and you can clearly see that number 2, 4 and 7 are part of this number as well.


To make it more unusual, my dear wife was born in 1952 which equals 27 as well (52 ÷ 1.9 = 27.36).

There are 27 books in the New Testament of the Bible which obviously makes it a good number that you can trust. To top this off most numbers which have a bearing on this story are all Lucas numbers 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47, 76, 123. You get each Lucas number by adding together the two previous numbers (1 + 3 = 4, 3 + 4 = 7, 4 + 7 = 11 and so on).

27 and 47 are some of the numbers classified in this story as “The Seraph Force” and in my opinion, they will protect you as long as you have a connection with them.




SKÅNE is an Old Danish word meaning “the dangerous beach”. Skåne belonged to Denmark until 1658 AD.

There was major resistance from the Danish people when Sweden occupied Skåne. The rebels were called Snapphanar, which is a German word for resistance.

At that time the Snapphanar consisted of a mixture of robbers, murderers and rapists. They were organised into resistance groups to try to keep Skåne Danish.

Naturally, the Swedish King did not approve of their activities. He cruelly tortured all Snapphanar when they were captured.

The Swedish soldiers would heat up long iron rods, thrusting them under the Snapphanar’s skin starting at the coccyx bone and then push it along the spinal column until it came out behind their neck. They were then displayed along the roads as a  deterrent, to others. These poor souls would stay alive impaled on their stakes for a few days. The Swedish soldiers would sometimes decapitate the Snapphanar, placing their heads on poles along some of the busy streets in town.

This did not however stop the Snapphanar looting and pillaging the Swedish people.

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