Twice Michael and his family had been saved by his mentor, the magnificent and all loving Guardian known as Jonathon. Now the situation was reversed as Jonathon   himself had become isolated on a small hostile world known as Earth 2. This was the world which had been created to accommodate two thirds of the original Earth’s population when that world had been cleansed. The people of Earth 2 were lesser evolved and still believed in warfare and other acts of violence to justify their ends and now they themselves were all prisoners of this world. 

It wasn’t meant to be that way. By his presence on this war-torn world Jonathon had hoped, with the help of six of his brother Guardians, to lead these lost souls back to The Light but that help was not to be forthcoming. He was alone and the karmic forces which had been built up had become too much for him to cope with. 

So now it falls to Michael and his small band of ‘Travellers’ to repay his own karmic debt and try to rescue Jonathon. Many alien forces will seemingly oppose the mission but closer to home the forces become much more personal and sinister. 

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Author: Gary J. McCleary
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English


Author Biography   

Gary J McCleary has worked as a Mathematics teacher since obtaining his Science Degree majoring in Mathematics and Physics from Sydney University in 1970. More recently he has been a Head Teacher of Mathematics with TAFE NSW and a part time university lecturer in Engineering Studies. He retired in 2004. 

He has always had an interest in works of science fiction and more recently has undertaken research into spirituality with particular reference to the ‘Near Death Experience’. Since retiring he has tried to explore both of these themes in his novels ‘Raised as an Angel’, ‘An Angel in the Making’ and ‘Millennium’s End’.   

Gary has just won a literary prize for
an essay competition about his town Penrith as it has evolved over the last fifty years since being proclaimed a city.

By the same author 

Raised as an Angel

An Angel in the Making


Michael stood in front of his electronic marker board and looked up into the eager young faces of his students. There were twenty in the class and while all were new recruits to Michael’s ‘Field Dynamics’ course none of them were strangers to university life or studies. Here on Tranador and indeed on all the worlds of the great star known as The One people tended to maintain their appearance at their own preferred age. Life for most of the students, aside from their studies, was really just an ongoing party and for this reason Michael, who was now a lecturer at the university, had allowed his own appearance to age slightly in an attempt to project some authority. He had permitted a few small streaks of grey to appear in his normally dark hair and while he was naturally tall of frame he had cultivated a slight stoop when he walked. In his white lab coat and gold rimmed spectacles he looked every bit the university academic.

Lately he was beginning to feel more comfortable in his teaching role and the students were becoming ever more receptive to his authoritative tone. “Please take your seats everyone as I have much to discuss with you today.”

When all were seated with their note pads at the ready Michael continued. “Last time I discussed at length with you the relativistic effects which would be observed concerning ‘time’ as measured both in a reference frame considered to be at rest, such as right here on Tranador and in a space ship moving away at a significant fraction of the speed of light. We know that ‘time’ for the occupants of such a vessel dilates which is to say that ‘time’ for those occupants actually runs at a slower rate than for a stationary observer here on the ground. However, according to the theory, it is equally valid to consider the space vessel to be the frame at rest while the observer back home is the one moving away at near the speed of light. That means that ‘time’ should run slower for the observer on the ground relative to the observer in the space vessel.”

Michael then pointed to one of the young men seated in the front row and addressed him directly. “How about you Kyle, can you tell us what your research has uncovered as an answer to this seeming paradox?”

The young man selected was a little surprised to be singled out by the teacher in this way but still he rose confidently to his feet. “I believe sir, that the question you posed last lesson was a little more personal than that. You asked what would happen to a pair of identical twins if one twin remained at home while the other twin went off in the space ship. When the travelling twin returned which one would appear to have aged the least?”

“That is correct young man. That was indeed my question to you.” Suddenly now and for the first time the question took on a very special meaning for Michael. He had a vision of his own lovely twin daughters Mary and Kathy separated in this way.

The young man continued. “Your original question sir implied an acceleration and deceleration for the space ship but not for the observer here at home. In order for the space ship to return it must at some point turn around which would of necessity involve the aforementioned acceleration and deceleration. In this context the frame of reference of the space ship cannot be considered as the inertial one. Therefore the twin returning would have aged the least and depending on the speeds involved that twin may have aged only months while the planet-bound twin may have aged years.”

“That’s a good answer, Kyle. I can see that you’ve been doing your homework.”

Before Michael could ask his next question a young woman seated at the back of the room rose to her feet. “Excuse me Doctor Thomas, but I have a question for you.”

Michael had never gotten used to his title or the use of his extended name. Moreover this young woman had already shown herself, in the short time that he had been teaching the class, to be extremely interested in finding any and all discrepancies in whatever theory was being discussed. In many ways she reminded him of himself as he had been all those years ago. “Alright Sarah, what is your latest query?”

“I have done my research on the so called ‘twin paradox’ and while it is quite interesting I believe that there is a much more important topic which should be the focus of our attention.”

When she said this many of the students cringed down in their seats in an effort to disassociate themselves from her remarks.

“What can you tell us sir, about the so called Casimir Effect?”

This topic was definitely NOT part of the curriculum and Michael had first hand knowledge of exactly why that was the case. Still he knew better than to try dodging the question as this would put the topic clearly into the category of ‘forbidden fruit’ and none of the students would be able to resist researching it. “Why don’t you Sarah, first tell us what you know about this effect?”

The girl had not been sure what Michael’s response was going to be to her question and she had really only asked it for the somewhat perverted pleasure of trying to unsettle her teacher. Now he had thrown it all back onto her and she was not quite so sure of herself. “What we are…normally think of as the vacuum of normal space is really a sea of virtual particles whose net energy is actually zero. We can also think of it as a sea of fluctuating electromagnetic waves of all possible wavelengths. If we now place two parallel uncharged conducting plates into the vacuum very close together then only those wavelengths which fit a whole number of times into the distance between the plates can exist there. That means that the energy density between the plates becomes negative compared to the region away from the plates. This effect is known to exist and has actually been measured.”

Michael knew where all this was headed but he could see no way of deflecting the class’s attention from it. “And the relevance Sarah, of all this theory to our present discussion is…?”

The girl knew now that she had gotten herself in well over her depth and that she was broaching a topic very personal to Doctor Thomas. Everyone knew what Michael Thomas had done in his youth but he had long ago made atonement for those actions and had been forgiven for them. Now it was considered in extremely bad taste to ever make mention of the matter. Still she felt compelled to complete what she had started or risk losing face with the other students. “The mere existence of regions of negative energy density implies an inherent flaw in the basic premise behind the whole topic of Field Dynamics.” The girl hesitated then and she lowered her gaze.

“Go on Sarah,” Michael replied gently, “but you and all the class must know that this topic cannot be pursued at this time. It is definitely off limits!”

The girl again hesitated but she was determined to make her final point. “Is it not true Doctor Thomas…that…that regions of negative energy density have major implications for the theory of ‘Faster-Than-Light’ travel?”

“Yes Sarah, that is true but it’s only just the beginning.” When Michael said this he became aware that every pair of eyes in the room was staring directly at him and that absolute silence prevailed. What had started out as a mischievous piece of student heckling had opened up a full blown can of worms.

He wasn’t sure how much information he should give the class but he felt that he owed them at least something. “You all know about The Void and that The Guardians routinely transfer the very essence of who we are as Beings through The Void instantaneously when we choose to live a life on one of the untamed worlds across the galaxy. This is possible because the essence of who we are is non-material and therefore not restricted by the speed of light. However…there was once a project which was initiated by a group of inter-species scientists who live on the other side of Tranador. This project involved the instantaneous transfer of people, still alive in material form, through The Void. I am one of those people.”

This was the ultimate bombshell! The girl, Sarah, sat quietly back down and all the students sat rigidly still in their seats. No-one dared speak as they each tried to assimilate in their minds what was until then, the unthinkable.

Michael continued in subdued tones. “The project was known as ‘The Travel Vehicle’ and there was only ever one mission. Initially it was kept secret from The Guardians but once they found out about it they black-listed all further research and they shut down the project. They deemed it to be extremely unstable and far too dangerous. However, I can tell you quite honestly that I would not be here talking to you now if it were not for ‘The Travel Vehicle’ project.”


Later that day as Michael climbed the small number of steps to the landing platform just next to his office he cast his mind back to those far off days. Twenty years had elapsed since the day he and the others had stepped through the glowing portal of the Travel Vehicle and into the sanctuary of the Hall of The Guardians on the other side of Ocean City. The transition, once they had stepped through the portal on the other world, had been instantaneous. One minute he and his family had been trapped beyond all hope of redemption on that faraway and hostile world known as Earth 2. The next instant the portal had opened and they stepped out into the soothing light of The One as it gently rose into the morning sky over Ocean City.

Michael’s office at the university was situated on level sixty and as he walked across the landing platform to his little flier he felt the crisp clear afternoon sea air on his face. From this height he had an almost uninterrupted view of Ocean City all the way to the skyline. He could see far out into the vast inland ocean which was now almost completely surrounded by the great city. Ocean City was the First City of Tranador which itself was by far the largest of all the thousands of planets which circled the great star known as The One or the smaller Companion star. 

The little flier was still Michael’s pride and joy after all these years. It was only capable of carrying two people at a time but it was ideal for commuting to and from the university and because of its size it gave the occupants a real sense of flight. Furthermore the clear domed canopy could be slid back during flight to further enhance the flying experience.

Michael climbed into the pilot seat and engaged the air controls. He could easily have programmed in the exact coordinates of his home and let the flier take him there on automatic but he elected instead to fly the machine manually. Flying was Michael’s great passion and he availed himself of every opportunity to do so. He took the little machine into an almost vertical climb until he had reached the bottom of the cloud layer and then man and machine disappeared into the swirling white fog of the cloud mass. Still he pressed the machine to go ever faster and higher even though the world outside the canopy was a blanket of pure whiteness. Suddenly he emerged from the layer into a deep blue section of sky and the white cloud mass fell away quickly below. The One was settling down towards the horizon on his left and at this point of its luminosity cycle its disk was a brilliant orange tinged with a very faint green towards the edges. 

In the distance he could make out the northern tip of the huge cliff which overlooked the ocean at the extremity of the city. It was here on the top of this cliff that he and Alana had made their home together since returning to Tranador.

At this point Michael put the flier into an almost free fall dive causing it to swoop directly towards the distant cliff wall. At the final approach he applied the air brakes at the last moment causing the machine to stall in the air just above the landing pad and the air outside the canopy crackled with billions of red sparks as the machine came to a complete stop. He then brought the little machine in for a perfect soft landing on the pad just outside his home high on the cliff wall. 

As he walked the short distance towards their home, through the beautiful rose-garden that his wife Alana lovingly maintained, he caught sight of her standing in the doorway and his heart seemed to skip a beat as was always the case whenever he saw her. She was his soul-mate on every level that was possible. They had lived many lives together on many different worlds and each was the completed whole of the other. Their most recent mission away had been a nightmare by anyone’s reckoning but at least they had had each other and that had made all the difference. Now at last in this place they had finally found peace and could simply take the time to bask in their love for each other.

She came to him then and he gently folded his arms around her. Her sheer physical presence threatened to overwhelm him as he took in the softness of her skin and the smell of her lovely golden hair. During the twenty years that they had spent in this place she also had allowed her youthful body to age slightly. Just as Michael had done and for a similar reason she had allowed a few faint streaks of grey to soften her hair and for a few slight wrinkles to appear at the corners of her eyes.

Michael pulled back from her and admired her still stunning beauty. “You are my everything and I still cannot believe that I deserve you.”

“Come my husband. I have prepared our evening meal and then there is a matter of considerable importance that I want to discuss with you.”

Michael and Alana’s home was split into three levels and all faced towards the great ocean. The walls were of crystal clear glass which offered a magnificent view of the ocean by day and of the stars by night. The sleeping quarters were on the top level and as Michael and Alana lay together later that night the stars in all their magnificent glory could be seen against the blackness of the night sky. In the great arch of stars facing towards the galactic centre the stars were so numerous as to only appear as a thick mist. Low on the eastern horizon the Companion was just making its appearance and was starting to cast its faint glow over the seascape.

“This place reminds me of where I was stationed during the war back on Earth 2.”

“Yes, you have told me of those times often.”

“Our base faced out towards an ocean just as our home does here and in the midst of that horrible raging war it was a place of relative peace and sanctuary.”

“Tell me again about the night you and your friend fired off the three missiles as a signal to those on The Blue World.”

“We had tied our computers into the world wide net and we had successfully blocked two nuclear attacks by the enemy. After that the system became compromised and we were ordered to decommission the base. On the last night I, with the help of my friend Jaime, managed to actually fire off three missiles belonging to our allies into the upper atmosphere. Four and half years later the message was received and correctly interpreted over on the Blue World and the rest is history.”

“How did you ever convince anyone to help you with a task like that?”

“When I first explained to Jaime what I intended to do he thought I was crazy. I pointed into the night sky and said that we had tremendous friends out there who would help us if they could. At first he thought I meant the ocean but when he realised that I meant across space he almost flipped out.”

“This is the matter that I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Go on Aly and I’m pretty sure I know what you are going to say.”

“We really did have friends out there across space and they did find a way to rescue us, did they not?”

“Yes, and in my case it was the second time that such a rescue was necessary.”

“I still find it hard to believe that we were all prepared back then to simply walk away and leave them both on that horrible uncaring world.”

“It was their wish, almost their ‘command’ that we do so but yes, I agree with you Aly. He rescued us in every way that it is possible to be rescued and yet we were prepared to abandon him. We simply stepped through the glowing portal of the Travel Vehicle and into a new life.”

Alana looked out into the blackness of the night and her heart filled with a great sadness. “Without him we are nothing. We are not progressing. Everyone tries very hard and the other Guardians do their best for us but without him we are nothing.”

“Do you remember the promise that I made to Julia just as we were leaving?”

“Yes. You said that when her time came to come home that we would be waiting for her.”

“I asked our girls some time ago to carefully monitor the time of Julia’s return. Since they both work in the Hall of The Guardians and have a high level access to the Living Computer that is no problem for them.”

At the mention of their daughters, Alana’s sombre mood immediately lifted. “Have you heard from them lately?”

“Yes, I had a communication in from Mary only this morning. It seems that Julia’s return is imminent. Mary will let us know exactly when she is due to return and she has already booked our place in Julia’s Reception Chamber.”


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