Looking through Eyes of Wisdom continues the story of Alarca the Extraterrestrial who, after dying in a crashed Disc, reincarnates on Earth in Human form as “Ali”. Now reunited with her own people, including her good friend, Ashka, who also died in the crash and the Zeta Elder, Maris, her Guide and Teacher, Ali lives a double life carrying out her Human work on Planet Earth by day and her Zeta work on board the Disc by night.

Teachings continue on Universal Energy and the expansion of Human Consciousness through Soul Evolution. In-depth information is given on Crop Circles, the coming Earth Energy Shift in 2012, Star Children, Human/ET Contact, and the   so-called Alien Abduction phenomenon is dealt with in great detail when Ali and her friends step in to assist a family  undergoing such an experience. Their job is to transform these seemingly frightening and negative happenings into one of growth and deeper understanding.

This book will set you free from Fear and into the arms of Love, Knowledge and Inner Power.   

The first book in this series is Looking Through Eyes of Love.

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Looking through Eyes of Love

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Author: Judy Carroll
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English



As an Experiencer of Extraterrestrial Contact since early childhood, Judy Carroll has been fascinated with these mysterious Visitors and their link to Planet Earth for many years. Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, she worked as a professional dancer from the age of sixteen, but a profound ET Encounter Experience at age thirty was the turning point in her life, sparking off a quest for deeper spiritual understanding and knowledge. Many years of study in the field of Eastern Philosophy followed this Encounter. She has been a teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1987, and a Reiki practitioner and teacher since 1993.

Although presented in the guise of fiction, her writing is based firmly on very real experiences. Her books contain a vast amount of spiritual teaching as well as information on Crop Circles, ET Implants and so-called “Abduction”, Human Consciousness and Evolution, Energy, God and the Universe.


This, my second book, Looking Through Eyes of Wisdom, is dedicated to my dearest friend, long-time mentor and spiritual sister, Helene. Her meticulous attention to detail in proofreading, insightful advice, comments and suggestions as well as endlessly loving encouragement, loyalty and total commitment to The Work, has enabled this book to come to fruition. And oh yes – I almost forgot to mention her wicked and irrepressible sense of humour. It may have got us into trouble in times past but has now proven to be a Godsend. Good on you, Sis – you go girl!


The year was 2000, the beginning of a brand new century, but after nearly fifty years of ongoing Encounters with the Extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings, now popularly known as the Greys, I was feeling a great deal of loneliness,  confusion and frustration at not knowing where to go with it all.

My earliest remembered experience occurred at around the age of three, when I was accompanied up to the top of our street in suburban Brisbane by a tall thin female Being who held me by the hand and took me to, what my child’s mind interpreted, as a “railway station”, where we boarded a train. The only problem was that our street was a small quiet cul-de-sac with no train station within miles. When I asked my parents about this, I was told it must have been a dream, but I knew what dreams were like and this was not one. I can still recall it clearly to this day as a very real event.

More Encounters were to follow, including an extremely profound daytime one, in 1983, that had the effect of changing my whole life. As a professional flamenco dancer since the age of sixteen I’d always been a very physically-orientated person. Brought up Catholic and educated by the nuns in a convent school, I wasn’t into New Age-type concepts much at all, and was totally dedicated to my career as a dancer. My husband too was, and still is, involved in the performing arts (as a professional guitarist), and this was our whole life, along with caring for our two horses, three dogs, half-a-dozen chickens and a cat, that shared our acreage property with us.

During my 1983 Encounter Experience with the Greys, something was communicated to me telepathically which I couldn’t consciously recall at the time. However, within days of this Encounter major changes came upon me, one of which was a sudden burning desire to learn to meditate and to study Tai Chi, and along with this a longing to move back to the city, an urge never experienced before. Something kept telling me there was work to do there; what sort of work I had no idea but I knew that it was something to do with teaching.

Amazingly enough, circumstances changed for us during the following couple of years and in 1986 we did move back to town, which was something neither of us would have considered prior to this as we both loved country living. It all seemed rather coincidental at the time but now I know better. More amazing “coincidences” were to follow, with a poster advertising Tai Chi classes appearing in a window at our local shopping centre about a week after we settled into our new home. Then a married couple from down south moved into the rental house next door, and it turned out that the wife had a close friend who was in the process of forming a Meditation/Psychic Development Group and was looking for potential members. A week later I was introduced to this lady, who kindly invited me to join her group. I took up both of these opportunities, which opened a number of new doorways for me.

After many years of professional dancing, Tai Chi was an absolutely perfect way to help me get into meditation, being a beautiful graceful dance-like flowing form. It is in fact known as “moving meditation”. This in turn enabled me to gradually develop a deeper sensitivity and awareness of the movement of inner Energy (chi) within my body, and also the stillness and focus of the mind which is an essential component of both meditation and Contact with the finer realms of spirit.

I eventually went on to become an instructor. Part of my training included studies in traditional Chinese Massage Therapy and Eastern Medical Philosophy. With the additional help from Tai Chi I was then able to settle into meditation very quickly and within a year some profound and uplifting messages began coming through, via channelling and automatic writing.

I spent 8 years sitting in this meditation group, gathering valuable knowledge and training along the way. In 1995 the opportunity came for me to travel to the UK where I visited several Sacred Sites including Stonehenge, Avebury and the ancient and magical Rollright Stones on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. This visit led to yet another profound Encounter with my Grey friends, which had the effect of opening up a lot more in the way of previously hidden memories of past Contacts, including a deeper understanding of the 1983 event, but this awakening brought problems as well.

Despite the fact that I was sitting in a Meditation Group, there was nobody I could talk to about my ET Encounter Experiences. At that point in time I’d done little reading on the subject and in fact, until I acquired a copy of Whitley Strieber’s book Communion, I’d never even heard of Greys. Not being much into UFOs and Extraterrestrials, I simply thought of my strange little friends as being of the Devic Kingdom because I knew they weren’t Human or at least not Earthling-type Human.

The problem I faced was that the only ET Contacts that interested the other members of our meditation group were ones which involved the much more Human-looking “Space Brother/Pleiadian types”, with whom I simply could not relate, never having seen nor had anything to do with them. My Grey Contacts were condescendingly dismissed as “Judy’s little Devic friends”, and in fact I recall once being advised by a member of this group to: ‘Forget about those little grey ones – they’re nothing. It’s the Tall Ones you should be trying to contact!’ These “Tall Ones”, being the much-vaunted Space Brothers with whom I felt no rapport whatsoever.

Not long after this I left the group, but my Encounter Experiences continued with a message from the Grey Teachers to put the very informative and constructive teachings I was still receiving into book form. This was to be told from their perspective but set in a fictional story so that it would be more readily acceptable and appeal to a wider readership.

This of course was easier said than done and it was a lonely road to follow. Now that I had a better understanding of where the Contacts were coming from I began reading up on the subject of other peoples’ Encounters with Extraterrestrials. This turned out to be a rather frustrating and upsetting experience apart from giving me much-needed confirmation that no, I was not crazy, and not just imagining things because plenty of other perfectly normal, sane and down-to-earth people were also having very similar Encounters. I was overwhelmed by how many of these people associated incredible fear with their Contacts with these seemingly negative Greys.

This did not ring true for me but it was still a worry. Yes, I too had experienced fear as a child, but once I grew to adulthood this dissipated completely. Occasionally the Encounters were a little scary, bizarre and, once or twice, even painful when certain procedures were carried out, but nothing like what some people described.

I could even recall one occasion of being up on the Disc with them, and when the time came for me to leave I burst into tears at the thought of being parted from my little grey friends whom I thought of as Family. If these Greys were as negative and evil as some people suggested, then did it mean that I too was negative and evil because I felt such deep rapport with them? Although I knew this was not the case, I nevertheless decided to back off for awhile from the whole thing.

I was still doing some dancing as well as teaching Tai Chi and also Reiki, which I’d been practicing for a number of years, so my life was very full. I’d come away from the meditation group feeling a little disillusioned with the concept of Spirit Contact in general. Yes, I had learnt to channel but the whole scenario surrounding this was putting me off, badly. There seemed to be so much very-Human ego involved with the so-called Space Brothers, High Priests of Atlantis etc., and as far as I could see, a lot of it was fuelled by wishful thinking and overactive imaginations. This prompted me to turn my mind to other more earthly pursuits, pushing my Grey friends further away to concentrate on my teaching and Energy work, which was far more tangible. But then in the year 2000 everything changed – the Grey friends returned with a vengeance, determined to be acknowledged and to prove their reality to me once and for all. It began with a phone call from my good friend and Reiki Teacher, Ian.

In late 1998 a lady had attended one of Ian’s Reiki Courses that he was running at a TAFE College (institute for adult tertiary education) in Brisbane. She wanted to learn Reiki so she could treat her children, both of whom suffered from asthma. It turned out to be so effective and so enjoyable, that in late 1999 she went on to do Level Two and around the same time both of her children and husband decided they’d like to be attuned to Level One so they could treat themselves whenever they wanted. It’s a wonderful thing to attune a whole family to Reiki, for it’s something they can do and share together. At the time, the son was aged seven and the daughter twelve.

They were and still are a very normal average Australian Catholic family, and in fact the father had been brought up in a Catholic Presbytery, where his mother worked as housekeeper to a priest. The two children attended the local convent school and college, and none of them were the slightest bit interested in anything remotely Occult or New-Age orientated, apart from the Reiki, which as I said, had been embraced for a very practical purpose – to treat the children’s asthma problem.

About a week or so after the family’s Reiki attunement strange things began happening in their home, in the form of mysterious lights appearing, black-clad figures being seen around the place, a strange dog suddenly turning up inside the house when all doors and windows were closed, then just as mysteriously disappearing. On top of this, the young boy began experiencing “night terrors”, which involved falling into a sort of trance state in which he would see people in his room and hear voices and sounds. One night the father of the family almost walked into one of the black-clad figures in the hallway, which confirmed it was not simply the children’s imagination running riot. Absolutely terrified and totally confused, they rang their Reiki Teacher, Ian, for help.

In instances of negative energy manifesting in a house or building as ghostly or poltergeist activity, Reiki is extremely effective as a means of clearing, cleansing and re-harmonising the atmosphere. Both Ian and I have used it successfully on a number of occasions for this purpose, so Ian offered to carry out a Reiki Cleanse on their home. At the same time I too sent Reiki through to help the situation. But then there was another desperate phone call to say things had got even worse. It was as though the Reiki was drawing it in stronger, whatever it was.

Ian was due to leave on an overseas holiday the next day and feeling bad about seemingly abandoning the family in their hour of need, he called me to ask for advice and for permission to pass my phone number on to them. They would then at least have someone to talk to about the situation. We discussed the problem at length and he assured me that this family was definitely not into dabbling with the Occult, such as playing around with ouija boards, séances etc., which can most certainly introduce negative energies into a home. As he explained, they were just a very ordinary normal average nice family.

Also, what we could not work out was why the Reiki hadn’t cleared the energy and in fact had seemed to increase the activity. Then I asked him to describe the figures that had been seen and bells started going off in my head. His description tallied exactly with how I saw the Grey Teachers – dressed in black from head to toe and with a wide-brimmed hat pulled down to partly cover the face. And of course the Reiki would draw them in – Greys love Reiki Energy.

The mother of the family phoned me the next day and we talked at length. The strange thing was, as soon as I heard her voice I recognised her even though we’d not met. She felt so familiar to me! At first I worried about speaking openly about ET Contact and the Greys, but she accepted it all remarkably calmly and expressed great relief that they were not a threat to her family and not negative entities come to haunt them.

As she pointed out to me: ‘Why would negative entities be attracted to us? We’re a happy normal average family, not into anything remotely Occult. We’re perfectly stable, with no hidden secrets or skeletons in the family closet. We are not bad people and we have Reiki to protect us. The idea of negative entities suddenly deciding to haunt us doesn’t make sense, whereas what you’re saying does, especially if these Greys are attracted to Reiki Energy.’

However, the problem of fear remained. The children were terrified of the figures they were seeing, especially when one of them began appearing each night in the corner of the girl’s room. Poor Amanda refused to sleep in her bedroom, instead spending every night on the floor of her parents’ room. I felt so sorry for her, remembering my own childhood terrors as the night closed in. The activity now seemed to be centering on her, more than the younger brother, and she also began seeing the little ones; the small Grey Workers with the huge black wrap-around eyes.

My advice to her was to talk to them and to try to find out the name of the tall black-clad one. I wondered to myself if it could be my own Grey Teacher, Maris. The problem was, even with my reassurance, Amanda was just too scared to even try to communicate. It was obvious she needed help.

Talking it over between us, her mum and I decided that perhaps a treatment known as a chelation would help clear the energies. This type of treatment is not strictly Reiki but we teach it at Reiki Level Two as it is particularly effective in clearing and balancing the body’s Energy System. Everything in the Universe is based on Energy and blocked or disharmonised Energy underlies all problems; physical, mental and emotional and is often caused by stress or fear. It was certainly worth a try.

Amanda was given this treatment on the 14th of June, 2001, and as she slipped into the slightly altered and very relaxed state of Reiki, she suddenly found herself walking on a beach. Firstly, she met up with a little blonde girl, who she later realised was herself at age seven or eight. Then she saw a black-clad figure standing in the distance and immediately recognised him as the tall thin visitor who stood in the corner of her room each night.

Her fear was lessened somewhat by her mother’s reassuring presence and also by the fact that she was in an altered Reiki state, which is very loving and protective. Remembering my advice to try to get his name, her mum urged her to approach him and speak, which she proceeded to do. She couldn’t see his face properly as his broad-brimmed hat was pulled down over his eyes and the high collar of his cape came right up around his chin. It was as if he was trying to keep as much of himself covered as possible so as not to scare her.

A couple of other people who have seen my Grey Teacher, Maris, have described this shielding process as well, which Amanda did not know at the time. The eyes of the Greys have a very profound and potentially unsettling effect on Humans, and so they will sometimes cover their eyes or faces to stop this happening until the person is more accustomed to their presence.

Amanda walked up to the black-clad Being and then followed a most interesting conversation, and remember Amanda was only twelve years old at the time. First she asked him who he was, and he replied: ‘Don’t be afraid. My name is Oris (pronounced Auris) and I am here to help you.’

Amanda: ‘Help with what?’

Oris: (In typically-cryptic Grey fashion) ‘You’ll have to find out for yourself!’

Amanda: ‘When?’

Oris: ‘When you are ready.’

Amanda: ‘When will that be?’

Oris: ‘When you are ready.’ He then placed his hand on her shoulder and told her he would see her again soon.

Afterwards Amanda assured her mum that Oris “felt nice” to be with. She described how he smiled at her to calm her fear and that he was very tall, about two and a half metres in height. He was dressed in a black suit, black cape with collar turned right up, big black hat covering his face almost to the mouth and shiny black shoes. He had blue-grey wrinkly skin and hands with four long thin fingers rounded at the tips.


Their next Encounter took place on the 17th of June 2001, at their Reiki Teacher, Ian’s house. Amanda and her mum had gone there to exchange treatments. Amanda wanted another chelation treatment and Ian had recently broken his ankle and so also needed a treatment to assist the healing process.

Amanda went on the treatment table first and while her mum did the treatment, Ian sat with his hands on her head. Lying there with her eyes closed she suddenly realised, to her amazement, that she could still “see” everything in the room and proceeded to prove this by reciting the names of all the books on one of Ian’s bookshelves. Next thing she announced Oris’s presence as well as that of two of the little ones who measure about one to one and a half metres in height. They all had their hands on her giving her Reiki alongside Ian and her mum.

Then it was Ian’s turn on the table, so Amanda sat at his head while her mum worked on his broken ankle. As the treatment proceeded, Amanda looked up to inform her mum that Oris was standing behind her with his arms partly around and partly through her body. He too was working on Ian’s injured ankle with both of his long thin four-fingered hands. One of the little ones was working on the stomach area.

All of a sudden Oris telepathically conveyed the message to Amanda to: ‘Tell your mother to cleanse the aura now, straight away!’

She did as she was told but questioned the reason why, because all of us had been taught to just do an aura cleanse at the end of a treatment.

Oris then explained that blockages in the Energy System of the body are being cleared continually throughout the treatment process, but they then tend to move upwards into the aura where they may not completely dissipate. So it is most important to continually cleanse the etheric field throughout the whole treatment. He was most emphatic about this and later on it was further explained that it’s rather like when you’re drilling a hole in wood. To help the process work more effectively, it’s a good idea to blow the accumulated sawdust out of the hole every so often to clear it, thus allowing the drill to work better.

Since then, Oris has gone through the whole Reiki process with us, explaining and correcting a number of small errors and misunderstandings that have crept in over the years as it has been passed on many, many times from Teacher to student. He has also taught us a most wonderful Aura Cleanse of 13 steps which should be done before and after every treatment and attunement. We now teach this as a standard part of our Reiki Courses and have found it to be most effective.


Amanda’s Teacher, Oris, and my Teacher, Maris, have passed on many fascinating messages and teachings over the years. Proof of the reality of all this has been given on a number of occasions when I’ve phoned Amanda’s mum with an account of something that has taken place with the Greys the night before, and she has broken in on my explanation, finishing it for me because Amanda has already told her of it. Also, on occasions Oris will tell Amanda something about Tai Chi or Qi Gong, neither of which she knows anything about, but when she passes the message on to me it’s exactly right.

Having others to share these experiences with has given me the incentive, confirmation and confidence that I needed to go on with my writing and to speak out openly about all of this in the hope that it will help other people going through potentially fearful Encounter Experiences with the Greys. A totally new and magical world has opened up for us and we have now learnt to look upon the Greys, and in fact the whole Universe, as Family.

Amanda’s experiences began when she was twelve years old. When my first book, Looking Through Eyes Of Love was accepted for publication, she was still a minor at only sixteen years of age, and so we felt it best to keep her out of it. Now she is a young woman in her own right, it’s time for her part in all of this to be fully acknowledged. And an important part it has been, both in her contribution to the contents of these two books and also in the restoration of my confidence and belief in myself and the Grey friends, to a point where I can now speak out openly and boldly about these amazing lifelong experiences.

Amanda is a wonderful singer and a talented songwriter. Several years ago Oris told her to take some of the teachings and messages from these books and to write them into songs, so perhaps this is her future role in all of this or maybe someday she will write her own book. Only time will tell.




The beings known as the Greys are generally referred to by researchers in the field of ET Contact as Zeta Reticulans, their home planets being situated in the Zeta Reticuli Star System. In physical terms this may be more accurate because they are not all grey, but like Humans of Earth, do come in other colours as well. For example, there are ones who are very pale almost white, some that are blue and others that are black, so they certainly aren’t all grey in colour. However, I still continue to use the term “Grey” for three reasons.

Firstly, accurate or not this is how they are more popularly thought of on Planet Earth. The moment you describe them as Greys, people immediately think of the ETs with the big, wrap-around eyes and either three or four long thin fingers.

Secondly, they’re a very ancient and widely dispersed race of beings, so they are not confined to just one Star System and in fact many of them live permanently on board the huge Discs, some of which are almost the size of a small city. In this way I like to think of them as the “Gypsies” of the Universe.

Thirdly, (and with the Greys, three is a magical number so there must be a third reason) they are much, much more than simply a physical race of Extraterrestrials, and if researchers continue to insist on looking at them only in this light then they’re not going to get very far in their understanding. In fact, this is one of the biggest blocks to proper research in this field on Planet Earth, the inability of many investigators to look beyond third-dimensional physicality and the demand for physical, “nuts and bolts” evidence.

I personally use the term “Greys” in a metaphysical rather than in a physical sense. We’ve received teaching from them on the subject of Human evolution and what they call the Human Ladder, which is the path or cycle of Human evolution through the Universe. The Human Ladder is a series of ascending levels or layers of expanding conscious awareness through which all Human-type beings pass, gradually moving upwards into increasingly higher vibrational frequencies of Energy.

This mind/consciousness expansion is what Human evolution is all about, and for the mind to expand, barriers and limitations must first be broken down. This is where the Greys come in as Cosmic “midwives” to assist us with this difficult and sometimes frightening process. Planet Earth is situated on the very first “rung” of the Human Ladder, whereas those Extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings we think of as “angels” are right up on the highest “rungs”. The Greys are at the halfway point and are inter-dimensional as well as Extraterrestrial. They are neither angels nor demons, neither “white” nor “black”. They are Caretakers of Energy within the scheme of evolution. They are also Testers or Triers of Souls and as such act as agents through which higher Forces are able to work. 


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