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From successful, silken-tongued lawyer to grey nomad, George’s Secret follows the travels of a man aggrieved by the loss of his wife and daughter.

When Eve enters his life, George finds new love but the wonderful, caring man she knows is merely a fragment of the complicated person she learns to love.  Locked in the deep recesses of his mind are memories too treacherous to reveal to anyone, not even himself.

As George and Eve explore many wonders the country has to offer, places and events trigger memories revealing the truth about a man who has many dark and hidden secrets. Witness his moments of joy and times of tragic loss.

Be surprised by his kind and charitable deeds but hold your breath as his relentless betrayal of those who love and trust him unfolds.

But that is just the beginning.

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ISBN: 978-1-876882-50-1
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 312
Genre: Fiction

Cover: Neve Lembryk-Walsh

This book is a work of fiction.The author asserts his moral rights.

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- David Thirgood
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2019
Language: English


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Author Profile 


Having done the big lap around Australia with his wife, Lynne, some years ago, David Thirgood decided that their adventures were the basis for a story. Not a travelogue kind of story but one filled with mystery, crime, death and betrayal.  

It didn’t take too much procrastination before he started his latest novel but, after he worked out the formula, the words flowed.


Dedicated to:


All who suffer from the perpetual and seemingly inevitable

clash of cultures, the source of most human conflict.



GEORGE’S SECRET - read a sample:


George Edward Walters was named after a king. He knew this of course, but if you asked him who he was named after, he would shrug his shoulders and say, ‘You could ask my parents.’ He couldn’t have cared less that he was named after a king. Two kings, in fact. Occupying George’s mind at present was the long line of traffic in front of him, barely moving. The local radio had just made an announcement that there was an accident on the Warrego Highway near Hatton Vale. If his memory served him correctly, Hatton Vale was at least ten kilometres away. He had been in two minds about taking the Cunningham Highway and then turning right onto the New England Highway. It was longer, but quieter and more scenic. He opted for the shorter route because he wanted to get to Miles in time to set up before dark. Anyway, there was nothing he could do about it now. He figured that he would spend the night in Toowoomba. He rather liked Toowoomba. It was where he and Andrea had spent many wonderful days wandering around the gardens during the Festival of Flowers. They had only ever been there for that. Perhaps he could stay a couple of nights, or even three. There was no rush. 


His mind drifted back to the events of the last two years. In a way, Andrea’s death was a release. He justified the feeling because he had really begun to lose her a year earlier. She had a series of minor strokes before the big one – the one that took her away from him. She was only fifty-two and they had been planning on buying a caravan and doing the big lap around the country while they were still relatively young. After caring for her for so long, he had lost his way a little. So he gave up his job with Australia Post and wasted his time. He can still remember the conversation he had with his financial adviser.

 “George, these figures you have given me. Have you checked them?”

“Checked them? Yes of course, John.”

“So, you’re thinking about selling your Maudsland house?”

“Yes. After my wife died I couldn’t cope anymore. Without her there, it’s just a great big empty house with no personality. It should be worth at least two million.”

“Somewhat more. And you decided to rent?”

George raised his eyebrows in surprise. “I would have thought two million was a bit on the high side. Anyway, renting close to the beach seemed like a good alternative. I wanted to go where there were more people – to get my mind off my problems.”

“I see. How did it go, in the middle of Broadbeach?”

“It didn’t really.” George looked around the meeting room. It was as cold and heartless as his Broadbeach unit. “I’m pleased it was only temporary. The rent was exorbitant.”

“Was? You mean, still is, don’t you?”

“Well, I try not to stay there too much. Share myself around with the kids, but I think that I’m wearing out my welcome a bit. It’s okay for the boys, but the daughters-in-law are over it. Can’t really blame them.”

“James and Luke.”

Yes, they’ve got a couple of ankle biters each. You know how it is.”

“Yes, I have children myself. I’m just looking at the rest of your assets. Two very new cars. Why two?”

“I’ve been meaning to sell one of them.”

“Okay. There are those investment properties in Sydney and your share portfolio is quite substantial. I checked the market this morning. It’s valued at a little over nine hundred thousand. And I think you need to reconsider having the money from your house sitting in the bank earning less than one percent interest. We also need to discuss how to manage your superannuation.

“George, just looking at your risk profile, I think we should look at a managed fund for you. Would you be happy with that?”

“If you think it’s best.”

“I do. And you were saying that you and Andrea were planning on travelling around Australia.”

“Yes, the big lap, in a caravan.”

“Do you still want to do it?”

“What, by myself. I don’t know, John. Life’s pretty lonely, even in the middle of the Gold Coast.”

“Let me just say that many of my clients are caravanners. I believe that there are quite a few singles out there too. They all tell me that it is by far the greatest experience of their lives. Grey Nomads meet many like-minded people and there is so much to do and many places to explore.”

“Okay, John. I’ll think about it. By the way, there is just one other thing.” 


He could see the smashed vehicle as soon as he drove over the last rise. It was on the other side of the road. A damaged truck was partially blocking the westbound lanes and police were directing traffic from both directions through the remaining lane. There was an ambulance in attendance and a couple of tow trucks waiting for the police to give them the go-ahead. As he inched closer, he caught a glimpse of two blue sheets on the ground, cordoned off by police tape. The truck driver was sitting on the ground close by. He was clearly distressed and was being interviewed by a female police officer while one of the ambulance attendants treated his many abrasions. George was hardly aware that his breath was coming in short gasps and his heart rate was dangerously high. His mind was in turmoil and he needed to pull off the road at the earliest opportunity to recover. 



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