Set around the Central Coast of NSW, Diana, an estate agent, finds a body in a four-poster bed in a house she is listing for auction. She thinks it is a body, until it moves.
The plot accelerates as this intriguing story progresses through to unexpected revelations. The combination of kidnapping, clairvoyance, drug sales, illicit sex, amnesia, a family split and ransom demands. 

Early Mafia connections boost the action and a famous detective, Fabio Conte, discovers the truth. Romance with plenty of conflict keeps the readers glued to the pages right to the end.

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ISBN: 978 1 921118 81 4
Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 218
Genre:  Fiction


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Author: Alida van den Bos 
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2007
Language: English


About the Author


What makes Alida van den Bos one of the most prolific writers of fictional novels in the publishing business today?

Her background is not compatible with an ability to churn out reader-enthralling thrillers, five in two years, as her animated mind plots, creates and perfects power-packed paperbacks.

Born in Arnhem , Holland in 1930, the family moved to Tilburg where she was educated. With her husband, Gerard, and two children she emigrated to Australia in 1959, then lived among South Australia ’s opal fields at Coober Pedy, later using her experiences in life to further her writing ambitions by producing short stories.

The family’s next move was to Orange in mid-western New South Wales where she gave birth to her third child. After purchasing a property in that area, Alida and her husband kicked off a racehorse-stud, aptly named Running Hoofs, ultimately leading to successes in local and metropolitan Sydney races.

Then it was on to the nearby city of Bathurst where the couple operated an antique and old wares business until retirement on New South Wales Central Coast .

But retirement was not for Alida. “I want to write, write, write,” she declared to the world, then honed her natural talents by enrolling with the renowned worldwide tutoring group, The Writing School, successfully completing the 20-assignment course to earn a diploma that hangs proudly on her study wall, along with her acceptance as a member of the Australian Society of Authors.

Titles of her novels to date indicate the strength of the story-lines ... Amy – Her Fight for Freedom, A Swastika for Anita, Jennifer’s Odyssey, Dead Certainty and her latest literature classic, Flight Into Death. Alida’s enthusiasm for fictional writing will never wane. Her natural talent and inherent enjoyment would not allow it.

Chapter 1




hen Diana Jordan and her boss John Nicholson opened the door to 51 West Drive , they got more than they bargained for. As soon as Diana put her keys in the lock and opened the front door, she felt something was wrong, but she didn’t understand why. She hesitated, then John gave her a little push to go inside.

John Nicholson, owner of Nicholson Realty, had been commissioned to list the six-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-storey, old Victorian home for sale at auction. The owner, Charmaine Haley, a widow, had already moved to a unit. Her husband had died suddenly of a heart attack, and her three children had married and moved away. So now it wasn’t necessary for her to live in such a big house on her own. After sending most of her furniture to auction, Charmaine kept only what she needed to furnish her two-bedroom unit on the coast.

While moving slowly from room to room, John made notes and Diana took photographs of the main features such as the marble fireplace surrounds, high ornate tin ceilings with crystal chandeliers, and the modern kitchen. Diana still couldn’t get rid of an eerie feeling, although everything looked normal.

When they finished downstairs, John and Diana climbed the wide cedar stairway with the carved balustrade that was still in good condition. Upstairs, they inspected the bedrooms and the modernised bathrooms until they came to the last room, which seemed to be locked. Diana tried one of the keys on the bunch she had in her hand, and it worked. That wasn’t surprising as most houses of that era had similar locks fitted to their bedroom doors.

She walked into the room, followed by John, and gasped when she saw how attractive this room really was. It still had curtains, a large armoire, an ornate cupboard, and a four-poster bed. From a bay window with a window seat you could see the pleasant old English garden, but there was a smell she didn’t like and couldn’t identify.

Turning to John, she pointed. ‘What do you think, John, why was this door locked?’

Looking up from his notes, John answered, ‘I suppose it’s to keep out intruders.’

As she walked towards the bed which she wanted to photograph, Diana heard a noise. The bed had velvet curtains around it and she parted them to see where the noise had come from.

‘Oh my God!’ Diana stood frozen in shock. ‘John, there’s a body in the bed!’

John bent over the body. ‘My God, it’s a young bloke, and he’s alive,’ he declared, then immediately dialled the ambulance on his mobile.

Recovering her composure, Diana moved closer, ignoring the foul smell in the bed. The young man’s face looked terribly pale, and his lips were blue. She could see he was trying to talk and leaning her head towards him she stroked his hair gently. ‘Water … water …’ he was trying to say.

John had gone downstairs ready to meet the ambulance men and take them up to the bedroom. Hurrying to the nearest bathroom Diana filled a beaker and moistened a facecloth. She tried to lift the man’s head by putting her arm under his shoulders to help him sip some water, then wiped his face and hands with the cloth. She noticed he had no watch and no rings or gold chain on him, but he did have a lot of dried blood on the back of his head.

Holding onto his hand, Diana told him help was on the way. ‘Can you tell me your name?’

He tried hard, but no sound came from his lips, but sipping more water helped. With an effort he managed to whisper something, and she thought he said, ‘Joe Watson’.

She heard people coming up the stairs, then the ambulance officers arrived with a stretcher. After they gave the young man a brief examination, Diana asked them, ‘Has he got a chance?’

The men looked at each other, then one of the men told her, ‘He’s had a rough time, but yes, we think he’ll make it. He’s hurt his head, and he’s very much dehydrated. We’ll rush him to the hospital now and they’ll look after him.’

After they left Diana asked John what he wanted her to do next. ‘Well, we’ll go back to the office and you should get in touch with Charmaine Haley before we do anything else.’ Taking the keys from her he locked the front door on their way out.

Back at the office she rang Charmaine straight away, and she told her what happened. Charmaine couldn’t believe there had been a young man, barely alive, in what had been her four-poster bed. ‘What was his name?’ she queried.

‘He said his name was Joe Watson.’

‘Sorry, never heard of him. The removalist was supposed to pick up all the remaining furniture to be taken to the auction room and sold without reserve.’

‘When was that supposed to happen?’

After a short pause Charmaine said, ‘Well, I moved out two days ago and the removalist was going to pick up the furniture the next day.’

‘Did you know the door to that bedroom was locked, Charmaine?’

‘No I didn’t. It shouldn’t have been. I’m sure I left all the doors open. Someone must have gone in there after I left. Anyway, I’ll get onto the removalist and tell them to pick up the rest, okay?’

‘All right, and I’ll let you know about the date and time for the auction of your house. Thanks, Charmaine, talk to you later.’

Diana looked at her watch. ‘Since it’s nearly closing time, do you mind if I go to the hospital, John? I’d like to know how Joe Watson is doing.’

‘Yes, of course. I’d like to know too. See what you can find out.’

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