Mankind has poisoned the air, the land , the seas and himself …..

When nature takes revenge the consequences are catastrophic and dawn on the 29th March 2013 may well be the last sunrise!

Dean McIntyre, his family and friends prepare for the destruction of the world as they know it. For them a new dawn is breaking, when the ancient powers of Atlantis and visitors from beyond the stars will protect the remnants of the old earth from danger, and once more guide the human race into a new existence on a new earth.

Fact and Fiction is cleverly woven in this compelling and powerful novel; a terrifying scenario and a love story for all time….

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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 398
Genre: Fiction/Speculative

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By the same author:

It Begins But Never Ends and Waves of Torment


Author: Sandra L.  Rogers 
Imprint: Zeus
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2004
Language: English



The world is now in turmoil with frightening predictions in this book that are coming true today. The  recent devastating earthquake in Christchurch, the biggest earthquake on record in Japan and the tsunami that followed struck the west coast of the USA in March 2011.  The escalating problems in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia and the devastating floods and inland tsunami in Australia, together with many other horrifying events throughout the world. The author wrote this book  seven years ago as a warning to mankind about how the earth would revolt because of man's inhumanity to his fellow man and our disregard for our planet's resources.  Climate change is a part of this and it is too late to change some aspects of it.



  The dawning of a New Millennium has come and gone.   We, as the population of Earth have left a legacy of many years of wars, natural disasters, famines and the constant battle of man's inhumanity to man. 

Our track record is one of violence, hatred and greed, as we strive towards power, control and wealth for ourselves, with complete disregard for our planet and our fellow man. 

We have come to the end of the line.....things must change.  But, they can only change if mankind stops and realises the single most important asset it has....the precious gift of life.  A gift which can so easily be taken away in a split second without any warning; a gift we should all treasure and respect for the short time we possess it, for, without life, there is nothing. 

When I started to write the sequel to “It Begins But Never Ends”, I wrote it with the intention of being a book for the New Millennium.  The story of Dean is complete fiction.  It is in no way a reflection of my beliefs for our future, though I have often felt there is a fine line between fact and fiction and that sometimes, that line can fade completely. 

No one knows for certain what the future holds for mankind beyond the year 2010.  It could well be sealed in the hands of fate, the hands of God, or it could be in our own hands.  Whatever is in store, we must enter this new Millennium with a courage and faith that our planet will never die, that it will never end. 

CHAPTER ONE             

New York City in the year 2012 - May        


THE young man strode purposefully through the car park...his mind was alight like a thousand watts of electrical energy, buzzing and sparking with nowhere to go except back into his brain.

Paul Evans felt exhausted.  Now, as he approached the grassed area in front of the main campus, he suddenly broke into a run.  It was 10 AM; he would be late for the lecture!

Books, folders and loose papers were flailing around under his arm...he dropped some, bent down, and almost fell over.  Pulling himself together, he continued to run, the adrenalin in his body was pumping now - he wanted to run forever - get out of this place - get out of his head, his mind...his mind that was a deep barrel of confusion.

He needed clarity, peace...a lonely beach......somewhere, he had to run somewhere!

The lecture rooms were in front of him...he took the stairs two at a time, bumping into fellow students on their way down.  He stopped and caught his breath...he was at the top of the stairs.  Then, he saw her.  She was running towards him, books under her arm, long finely braided hair dangling over her sensuous breasts. Sparkling brown eyes full of animal heat, straight, even white teeth...and, those lips! That mouth, that passion pit of rapturous pleasure.  Oh God...he loved her!  His mind cleared as he watched her approach...she was the love of his life...Bethany.

“Paul..Paul, wait!,” she cried, with a look of urgency in her eyes.

Paul smiled and thought, “I could wait for you forever.”

As she caught her breath, she said, “Paul, you know those calculations you've been working on - the weather patterns, the dramatic change in world temperature?”

“Yeh,” he replied, noticing a worried look slip across Bethany's beautiful ebony face.

She continued, “All that scientific stuff you're obsessed with...your theories future?” 

He looked at her intently. “Well, what?”

Suddenly, she thrust a small book at him, he grabbed it quickly - he had to hurry as the lecture had already started.

“Paul, you must read this.  Don't ask me why, but I accepted it from those ratbag Hare Krishnas in the park yesterday.”

Paul laughed, knowing all too well what Bethany thought of the chanting Krishnas.  Her mouth was fixed and serious, as she said, “I read it last worried me Paul, it really worried me.”

Paul bent down and kissed her gently.  “I have to go, I promise I'll read it...I'll ring you tonight about you babe!”

Paul turned on his heels, and in a moment had opened the door to the lecture room.

Taking a seat next to his buddy Simon, he arranged his books and papers into some sort of order as Professor Dickson glared hard at him because of the intrusion.  Paul looked at the small book.  The cover was plain white with the words “THE BOOK” written in a burnt orange, and, underneath in smaller print, the name DEAN MCINTYRE.

The hour long lecture passed in a daze for Paul, he just couldn't concentrate today, he felt tired and wrung out, his mind just wanted to drift along with loving, sensual thoughts of Bethany.

Bethany Simpson had walked into his life six months ago... a vibrant, head-strong girl with supermodel looks.  She was doing an arts degree at New York City University and Paul was studying physics and science.

They met at a local burger joint a few streets away from the campus.

“Hey Paul! Over here, come and join us!” yelled Simon amidst a crowd of students hungrily stuffing their faces with burgers and fries.  Bethany was the only one not eating at the table.  Her moist lips gently sucked on a straw from a bottle of coke...her eyes held his and sparkled a sensuous stare.

“Here, have some of these fries, I've eaten too much,” said Simon, as Paul pulled up a chair.  Noticing Paul's eyes glued to the beautiful dark skinned girl beside him, Simon said: “Meet Bethany Paul, she's new on campus, just moved up from Florida.”

Paul held out his hand, he had to touch her.  “Pleased to meet you Bethany,” he blurted out, feeling butterflies starting to dance round in his chest.

The next fifteen minutes was taken up with the usual conversations about nothing.  Now everyone was saying goodbye and he would finally be alone with this magnificent, delicate creature.  “Where do you live Bethany? I'll drive you home,” he said.

“Here, in the Bronx, only two blocks away.  I walked this morning, but usually I like to ride my bike.”

Paul gave her a smile, as she added, “not a push bike...I ride a Harley.”

“Fantastic,” was his reply, though, in his mind, he couldn't imagine this tiny girl riding a Harley, complete with helmet and leathers.

After that first meeting, they were inseparable and within two weeks, they were lovers.  Their bodies were meant for each other, they fitted so perfectly and satisfied each other's sexual needs with such delicious rapture and satisfaction that it overwhelmed their every moment.  On a deeper level, there was a mutual respect and caring that went far into their souls and created a binding of their hearts.

“Mr. Evans, have you finished that thesis on Professor Hayward's works?”  Professor Dickson coughed loud and cleared his throat.  “Are you listening to me young man, or off in dreamland again?”

Simon thumped Paul on the shoulder.  “Ah! What?? Yes Sir, I have finished the paper,” was Paul's hazy reply.  As the students stood to leave the lecture room, Paul gathered his books and realised he hadn't remembered one thing about the lecture.

During the day, he found his thoughts of Bethany fading amongst the tireless hours of study.  Now, in their place, crept the thoughts of 'THE BOOK'. “ Just what is in this small nondescript book from the Hare Krishnas,” he said to himself, as he left the campus.

Paul shared a small apartment with his fellow students Simon and Winston on lower 54th Street, a crazy 15 minute drive from the campus.  Bethany lived close by with an elderly Aunt and her mother who had moved up with her from Jacksonville Florida.  Bethany never spoke much about her father, except to say that he disappeared about two years ago without a trace.  Her parents had a happy marriage and there was no reason why her father would suddenly leave, but, to the Police, he was just another missing person.

When Bethany had been accepted at NYU, it was a blessing, as the change in residence would hopefully help her mother overcome the intense depression, which had affected her since the disappearance of her husband.  Living with her Great Aunt Mapel, her two cats and a cockatoo and an endless stream of wacky friends, gave her a new life filled with laughter.

Paul hastily opened the door, raced to the freezer and grabbed a cold beer.  He'd have a quick shower, then sit down and read 'THE BOOK'.

The cool water felt wonderful on his hot skin, it had been another humid day.  It was late Spring and already the temperature was soaring far too high.  The humidity was 78%, the temperature 34 degrees centigrade, and this was May for Christ's sake!!  But no one cared; no one gave a damn - except him.  The World had become so blasé' about the dramatic weather changes.

Even the Bureau of Meteorology had shrugged off his concerns, saying that we would all have to adapt to the climatic changes, the global warming and the greenhouse effect that was now a part of everyone's normal lives.

“Normal!” Paul yelled to himself, as he washed soap from his eyes.  “There's nothing bloody normal about a rise in world temperature of 8 to 10 degrees centigrade and a drastic drop during winter of minus 10 degrees centigrade...then, it suddenly snows in Mexico in spring and the great Arabian deserts have floods - more rain than they have seen in a thousand years!”

Towelling himself dry, Paul looked in the mirror.  He was a young American, a native New Yorker of 22 years, around six feet tall with sandy coloured hair and deep blue eyes.  He was a clever student, with a promising future in whatever direction his studies would take him.  Right now, all he could think of was the huge atmospheric changes on Earth, because he cared.  He loved New York - he loved America and he had a gut feeling something was terribly wrong.

THE BOOK was lying on top of a newspaper.  Paul picked it up and glanced at the paper.  The usual headlines glared at him - TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE DEAD FROM GIANT EARTHQUAKE IN SOUTH AFRICA...INDIA SUFFERS WORST DROUGHT IN HISTORY, THOUSANDS DIE IN FAMINE...TURKEY DECLARES WAR ON GREECE..and an article on the ocean levels rising around New York.  Paul didn't want to think about what was in the newspapers, it was always the same with no concrete explanations and no solutions to the world's problems.

Grabbing some left-over takeaway chinese food from the freezer, he settled himself comfortably onto the sofa and opened 'THE BOOK'.

On the first page was written: “I have written this book with love in my heart for all the people of the world - do not read it with fear in your mind, read it with love and understanding and faith that we all have the gift of eternal life - that God is our truth.”

The first few pages were on reincarnation and the Krishna beliefs.  Paul skipped though them, as he did the chapter on the Divine Laws of Harmony, Peace and Love.  He was getting bored, this was all just new age teachings...what was it that could have worried Bethany so much?  He finished his food and shifted impatiently on the sofa.

Then he saw it...about half way through the book...WORLD CHANGES -climatic changes that have been occurring for the past ten years (actually, they started more than thirty years ago), but mankind had only started to notice them recently.  As he read, Paul realised everything he had worried about, questioned, was being stated - not in scientific wording or equations, but in simple, plain words.

Like the explanation of unusual occurrences in tidal flows and currents - “Look at the globe as a huge ball filled with water.  If you begin to stir the inner water, you would be able to see the changes occurring on earth, for the core of the earth has started to spin and churn.  Visualise this ball as its centre begins to spin - at first, the surface would not feel any effects, but as the spinning becomes more pronounced, you can see the wobbling effect of the ball.  This wobbling is what will cause the ocean currents to flow in different directions and patterns.  Eventually, this will affect every shore line and the tides will become out of sync.”

Paul turned the page quickly and read about the melting of the polar ice caps.  “Yeh,” he thought to himself, “everyone knew they were slowly melting, that's why the ocean levels have been rising.”

As he read page after page on world disasters that had and probably would occur, Paul wondered just what solution this Dean person would pose for the world's problems.  Then he read: FUTURE EVENTS THAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE YEAR 2013.

The polar ice caps will melt very quickly and break apart - this will cause mass flooding.  The City of New York will be underwater - people will be evacuated - many will lose their lives.

“This couldn't possibly happen next year - it would take twenty years, if ever,” he thought.

A giant earthquake will destroy the entire city of Los Angeles - California will sink into the sea.

“The giant earthquake has been predicted many times,” Paul thought.

Japan will have many earthquakes and will eventually disappear into the sea - that country will be no more.  Violent storms and tornadoes will occur in countries that have never experienced them.  The Arab countries will be flooded and will eventually become inland seas.

“Even with the unusual rainfall, this cannot possibly happen,” thought Paul.

China will become a frozen wasteland. Undersea volcanoes will rise in the Pacific Ocean!

As Paul read the disastrous predictions, he started to think that this was just another doomsday fanatic.  He closed the book and went to the freezer and grabbed another beer.

“Millennium mania!” he thought to himself, as he remembered how his parents talked about the world in the years 1998-99 - the onslaught of the year 2000. With the global computer crisis finally rectifying itself, and there were some wackos then, the doomsayers predicting the 'Big Bang' which never happened.  

He laughed, remembering a crazy guy from Texas who built a blimp that would airlift him 16 miles above the earth when the big bang happened.  Then there were the groups waiting for aliens to rescue them in space ships - the UFO watchers were out in droves then, and actually, most people, himself included, accepted that something definitely was out there!

Of course, the widely held belief among Christians was the truth in the Book of Revelations - that the year 2000 was the beginning of the end times.  Just thinking those words, gave Paul a cold shiver down his spine.  Just because it didn't happen then who said it couldn't happen anytime. He put those thoughts out of his mind - the big bang would never occur.  The new agers had the right idea...the year 2000 and beyond would be an enlightened beginning with peace and prosperity. Now that was a laugh. After September 11th the world had changed forever. Terrorists still had everyone living in fear. North Korea was still developing nuclear weapons, there was more violence and small wars than at any other time in history.  He returned to the sofa and reluctantly opened 'THE BOOK' again.

This time, the words he read started to make his heart beat faster.

The planet earth will be bombarded with forces which will cause it to change its direction in relationship to the universe.  It will turn on its axis.  The earth will be shaken and turned and much of the land will be destroyed as it realigns itself to new places and points.  During this time of realignment, there will be many catastrophic events, some of which I have already described - not one part of the earth will be untouched.

“Oh shit! This is what worried Bethany,” Paul said out loud, as he continued to read.

The turning of the axis is the true story of the Book of Revelation - the story told in all cultures and in all races.  It has been told throughout eternity, for this is a major event.

“Was he kidding? He makes it sound like a giant circus,” Paul thought.           

This is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new era, a new world with a new understanding.  For you to understand the reasons for this I will take you back to the beginning, to a time when I lived another life on the ancient continent of Atlantis more than 1500 years before the birth of Christ.

  As Paul read the story of the High Priest Ilias and life on Atlantis, the wisdom and spiritual greatness that the Atlanteans possessed...of Aanyota and Zaiot and the final horrific destruction of their country, he slowly started to understand where this was all leading. Now, he read the words:

The very reasons that Atlantis was destroyed have been slowly gaining momentum - It seems mankind can never learn from his past mistakes.  These coming events are not acts of God punishing man, they have been brought about by yourselves and your ancestors.  For too long now, there has been a complete disregard for the earth.  For too long man has polluted the land and the sea..he has been killing the very essence of his survival. Nuclear waste, poison gases, so much pollution - and all mankind does is strip the forests bare, pollute the oceans and kill the animals he should be protecting.  Finally, not happy with just that, he turns on his own kind with greed, hate, jealousy and murders, rapes tortures God's children in the name of power and lust.  For too long, man has waged wars with complete disregard for human life.  Many innocent people have suffered through famine at the hands of the greedy.  This will all stop soon as the earth takes charge of itself.  Remember for every action there is a reaction - and now, the earth will begin to fight back to save itself.

Paul sat quietly, thinking of what he had just read.  He felt strange, different.  When he first started to read the book, he didn't really believe much of it.  Now, as he turned to the last page, he knew it was all true.

We must accept our future and leave it in the hands of God.  We must believe and hope that the lessons we have learnt in this life will guide us along the path of Truth, Love and Understanding in our next incarnation, and that we will go on to live a life of peace and love surrounded by the light of God and that mankind will live within this Spiritual light for all eternity.

The beginning.......


A single tear rolled down Paul's cheek and landed on the page.  He gazed deeply at the picture of Dean on the back cover and felt more at peace that he had ever felt in five years.

“Rrring....rring!” Then the loud banging on his door woke him from his reverie.  “Paul, Paul, are you there?”

The familiar angel voice called as Paul glanced at the clock - it was 9PM.

“Bethany!” he yelled, realising he had completely forgotten to phone her at eight.

He opened the door and grabbed her.  Small droplets of perspiration were trickling down her forehead as his lips hungrily touched hers.  She was wearing a thin cotton mini dress, her long slender legs hung like molten chocolate beneath the frail blue fabric.  Slowly, his hands slid under the fabric and made their way gently towards her firm buttocks - he caressed them sensually.  She was only wearing a g-string.  “How sexy!” he thought, as his fingers now slid between the warm moist valley and started to tickle her sensitive spot.  Suddenly Bethany pushed his hand away and teasingly smacked him on the arm.  “Get away with you, you're hopeless Paul Evans, just like some randy old dog!”

Bethany pushed him inside and closed the door behind her.

“Sorry I forgot to phone Babe - didn't realise the time,” said Paul as he led her towards the kitchen.  “Would you like a beer or a juice?”

“I'll take a juice thanks.”

Paul handed her a small ice-cold bottle and looked seriously into her eyes.  “I read the book.”

There was a long silence between them.  Bethany gulped a refreshing mouthful from the bottle.

“So?”  she said, contemplating his reply.

“Let's sit down on the sofa.”

Paul took the book in his hands and looked at the picture of Dean again.  “I want to meet this Dean McIntyre - everything he has written is true.”

Bethany studied his face,  “Was he serious?” she thought.

“I'm serious babe, there is much more to this book than we think.”

Bethany placed her juice bottle on the coffee table and said: “Listen Paul, we've heard it all before, years ago - the end of the world.  Everyone was waiting for the year 2000.  Now we're more than a decade on and nothing has changed.”  She gently took Paul's hand in hers and continued: “I admit the predictions worried me, I felt scared when I finished the book.  Now, I've had some time to think about it I realise it could not possibly happen, we must believe it's not true - God would never let this happen to our world.”

Paul looked deep into her eyes. “That's just it Bethany, God has nothing to do with it.  Don't you see, it's us - mankind, we've fucked up our own planet.  Not you or I or the greenies down the road, but mankind as a whole - the evil in man that causes pain and suffering - man is the beast, he is killing himself and the earth.”                       

Bethany didn't answer; she wished she had never accepted the damn book now.

“Let me explain something babe.  The theories on the atmosphere I've been working on for the past year.  In simple terms, it looks like this.  With the greenhouse effect, we are now pumping out almost 7 billion tons of Co2 per year - eventually that can heat the earth up to an increase of 12 degrees centigrade, within five years. 

“With the data I have, it breaks down to approximately 220 parts per thousand carbon dioxide, 150 fluorocarbons, 150 nitrogen oxide and 180 700 parts per thousand. Sounds impossible, but it's not.  It's bloody catastrophic and there's nothing that can be done about's too late. 

“The world can't stop all industry - all power and fuel - to stop this effect, we would all have to stop working, living and just go back to the land and survive like cavemen!  So, there is no solution - we have to live with the greenhouse effect and suffer through boiling summers, warm winters or maybe freezing winters, floods, famine and all kinds of natural disasters - that's our world today.”

Bethany drew her lips together, and then let out a soft sigh. 

“You're thinking of something else - aren't you Paul?”

Paul shifted his eyes skyward, then held her stare.  “Well...I've been thinking - I was reading some works the other day on a retired astrophysicist, a Professor Hayward from London.  He worked on some projects at NASA in the late sixties, used to live in Florida.  Anyway, he apparently had severe heart problems years ago, so he retired and went back to live in London. I remembered reading something about a theory he had that the sun has a companion star, he called it the black star, with a very eccentric orbit, that came close to earth. 

“He believed it would perturb an asteroid belt and an asteroid would eventually be on a collision course with earth.  He estimated the year at about 2100.  It was in the sixties and that was such a long way off and his data was sketchy and his model had flaws.  His theory drew a lot of scepticism and it was waved away.  Nothing more was every written about it again.  That was nearly 50 years ago and a lot has been discovered in astrophysics since then.

“Bethany, suppose he was right, but his estimation of entry was out?  Suppose it could be on a collision course with earth next year?”

Bethany opened her mouth and let out a loud “wow!” and smiled. “Paul, don't be crazy, if that was all true, don't you think that with all the space experts, with all the billions of dollars that go into research and projects, that they would know, they would have to know by now!”

Paul answered matter-of-factly.  “Sometimes man cannot see what is right in front of him - and sometimes there is nothing to see...only feel.”

Bethany slid her arm around Paul's neck and pulled him close to her.  Gently her lips touched his, then moved sensually down his chin and onto his neck.  Her soft wet tongue danced teasingly in circles till it reached his chest.

“Let's go to bed darling, I am hungry for you, “ she whispered.

Paul could feel his excitement rising and he stood, grabbing her around the waist, then led her to the bedroom.  Outside the door, he paused and gazed down into her beautiful face.  “On Saturday morning, I'm going to Central Park to see those Hare Krishnas who gave you the book.  I want to meet Dean McIntyre, I must find him.”



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