Blue haired Beluvious transports Ryan, Jamie and Dayna, to the futuristic world of Truvia. Referred to as Tyrrenherians by the Truvian people, the teenagers discover they have special powers of communication.

Truvia’s course altered because of crude and extreme use of its resources and the teenagers are given are given a mission to re-establish harmony with the troubled Truvian population before they are allowed to return home. Assisted with taglifiers and illuminating jixsters they encounter creatures from the past, Smilidon, Dakosaurus…

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Number of pages:133
Genre: Fiction/Children's

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Cover: Clive Dalkins



Author: Tim Ellis
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published: 2009
Language: English


About the author

Tim Ellis was born in England, lived in India as a child and moved to Australia in 1986 to work as a TAFE teacher. 

After experimenting with various genres, science fiction became his favourite.

Chapter 1 


Today, Aunt Agnes baked a cake in the shape of a rugby ball for my fourteenth birthday. My party guests included six friends from the footy club. Uncle Harold barbecued in his usual style, converting sausages and steaks into charcoal. At around nine-thirty I bade farewell to my friends.

I had trouble sleeping in the humid night air as I lay overcome by thoughts of my parents; they were killed in a light plane crash travelling from Coolangatta to Armidale. These thoughts I couldn’t push to the back of my mind.

I’m now living on the Gold Coast with Aunt Agnes and Uncle Harold. My uncle is a dedicated rugby follower, a keen Gold Coast Titans supporter, and he encouraged me to play at the local club.

I tried concentrating on places that excite me, faraway lands and exotic cities. A tapping on my bedroom door startled me. The door opened; I expected to see Uncle Harold’s bald head, nailbrush moustache and black-rimmed glasses, but he wasn’t there. Jumping quickly out of bed I peered into the hallway.

The pink flowery wallpaper began to shimmer and the dark brown doors rippled with small waves descending from the top, but somehow never reaching the bottom. Gradually everything merged into a rapid whirling blue, which encircled me. It slowed and stretched away forming a landscape of vibrant green meadows, golden mountains and cloudless skies. It felt warm and the air smelt sweet, a mixture of roses and honey.

Then I saw him standing next to a tree.

‘Ryan Wesley,’ he said. ‘At last. We have been trying to bring you here for over twenty years.’

He was thin and very tall. I estimated him to be taller than most basketball players. He wore a purple robe and his long, pale blue straight hair rested on his shoulders. His thin lips curled slightly upwards conveying an expression of friendliness.

‘Why me? How could you have been trying to bring me here for the last twenty years? I’m only fourteen,’ I replied. ‘Today’s my birthday.’

‘Forgive me, Ryan. Let me introduce myself. My name is Beluvious and time in our land of Truvia has different configurations to your world. One minute of our time is equivalent to one hour of your time. Twenty years in our time is a little over seventeen weeks in yours. You will stay with us for the next two or three weeks.’

‘You’ve got to be joking. Two or three weeks! I can’t stay that long!’

‘I am sorry, you do not have a choice. You must get dressed quickly.’

My jeans were at the bottom of my bed and I pulled them over my boxer shorts and slipped on my tee shirt. Beluvious raised his hand and beckoned me and I found myself walking towards him. Although amazed by Beluvious’s sudden introduction to Truvia, I felt calm and indifferent. I wondered why. I thought perhaps it was the warmth, the beautiful colours and sweet smells. Maybe in these magical surroundings Beluvious radiated an invisible cosmic calm. Whatever it was, I remained completely relaxed.

I looked back towards my bedroom but it was no longer there. Beluvious must have sensed my concern.

‘You will return very soon, Ryan, long before your usual time of waking, but first we must travel to Truvia.’

‘Where’s Truvia? Is it another planet?’

‘No, it is another dimension, an infinite speck accessed by turbo hadronic curvage distraction.’

‘Well, that explains everything,’ I said sarcastically.

‘Good, glad you understand the simplicity of THCD. We are going to Trimpinious, the last city left in the land of Truvia where we are secure. We will begin our journey – stand next to me.’

‘Are we going to walk?’ I asked.

Beluvious laughed quietly. ‘Walking would take us many years. We use a system of travel which does not require mechanics or fossil fuel for propulsion. It is mostly a continuous energy, which your civilisation will discover in another 300 years or so; we hope it will not be too late.’

‘Although you seem friendly, Beluvious, I’ve never seen anyone like you before. Your appearance is strange, hope you don’t mind me saying that, but you do look kind of weird.’

‘Your words are kind and much appreciated. I will tell you more as we travel, now take a seat. The journey will take two hours, plenty of time for the questions you may want to ask me.’

‘Is that two minutes in my time then?’

‘Yes it is. Now sit down. We must go to Trimpinious.’

I looked for the seat. ‘I can’t sit on a seat that doesn’t exist.’

Without looking at me, he said, ‘There is a seat.’ His purple robe settled on the vibrant blue and green grass as he lowered himself into a sitting position. Making full eye contact I noticed his pupils, iris and cornea, were all blue and looked like two glass marbles which matched the colour of his hair.

Cautiously I lowered myself and found the invisible seat; it was soft and comfortable.

‘Relax, we are off,’ he said.

I couldn’t hear any engine sound as we rose vertically from the ground even though I knew we were enclosed in some sort of invisible flying machine. I’d always wanted to fly in a helicopter but this was better, much better, and for reasons I can’t explain I felt safe.

We began to move forward and I tried to remember what THDC stood for, but I only remembered the turbo part.

Beluvious interrupted my thoughts and said, ‘The rest stands for hadronic curvage distraction. Now tell me, do you find learning confusing?’

‘Sometimes I lose concentration. Why do you ask?’ I replied, unsure if it was a coincidence that he knew what I was thinking.

‘Excellent. Your answer is what I needed to hear. You are a time dreamer – it is not unusual. The mixing of your fantasy with the Truvia reality may be paramount to the transition we are looking for and exactly what we need.’

‘Fantasy, reality, transition. It all sounds weird to me, I …’

Beluvious raised his hand and interrupted me again. ‘Look, we are moving over the Remandial territory.’

I looked down. As the ground below slowly moved out of sight, I found the sensation of flying without any wings or fuselage thrilling. The mountainous landscape changed between a mixture of pale green, pink and purple. On the plains in between the mountains I saw round black circles, which appeared to be purpose-built structures.

‘Does anyone live there?’ I asked.

‘Yes, the Remandials. They came here with us but their evolution has taken a different course to ours and that is where you may be able to help with our predicament.’

‘Remandials. Where did they come from? Who are they?’

‘It was ten thousand of your years ago when we left a place you will know as Atlantis. We were the Neanderthals and lived alongside the Remandials. The climate was changing and our evolution there was complete. We had to move on, although the Remandials should not have joined us.’

‘I’ve seen pictures of Neanderthals – they’re short, stocky and don’t resemble you at all.’

‘Some of the pictures that you have seen could have been Remandials. We were the same in appearance until we went to Truvia. Our progression from Atlantis with the Remandials to Truvia in the beginning was perfect. We built cities together and founded a new civilisation. But the Remandials and Neanderthals slowly began to revert to their past competitive culture, which has no purpose or merit in Truvia.’

‘Do you mean you compete with each other like in football or some other sport?’

He made a guttural sound which I thought could be an attempt to hide his amusement. Then he said, ‘Let us enjoy the remainder of our journey to Trimpinious and soon you will meet Gowlan. He is a senior member of the Truvian Council and better at explaining your purpose in Truvia. Look down; you can see the vast area of beauty below us that we call Pridvorg. Unfortunately we cannot go there, but it may be possible for you to see it before your return to Tyrrenheria.’

‘Geez, I so don’t want to go to Tyrrenheria, that’s not where I’m from.’

This time I certainly heard him chuckle, although his face didn’t move. ‘You will have to excuse me; Tyrrenheria is the name we use. I know you call it Earth or World. As I said, Gowlan will soon explain all you need to know.’

Looking down at Pridvorg I could see lakes in the shapes of numbers, one to nine. Wispy pink clouds rolled gently over them, each lake surrounded by a blue shoreline. Our speed increased as we changed direction and descended towards the highest mountain. I saw the entrance to a black tunnel near the top and as we approached our speed continued to increase.

‘Beluvious, we’re gonna crash. This is freaking me out.’

He was indifferent to my concern. His cheeks hollowed, his eyes were closed and he appeared to be asleep.

We shot into the tunnel. Bright spirals of purple, green, red and yellow revolved around us like an enormous kaleidoscope.

‘Beluvious, what’s happening?’ I yelled.

‘Concentrate, we must travel quickly through this portal. We are at risk from the Remandials. They cannot see us but they are always trawling with electro-magnetic lassos.’

‘Electro-magnetic lassos! I’ve never heard of anything like that before, sounds very scary. I can’t see any lassos and how much longer in this kaleidoscope tunnel?’

‘Until we emerge in Trimpinious.’

Beluvious’s confidence relaxed me. I thought anyone who knows how to fly an invisible machine has to be super cool.

‘Thank you, Ryan, I am pleased you like flying with me, and think I’m super cool.’

This time I questioned him. ‘How do you know what I’m thinking?’

‘It is not difficult, even Tyrrenherians can learn.’

‘I don’t know about that,’ I replied. ‘I’m more concerned about the Remandials and their electro-magnetic lassos.’

‘Your unflinching disregard for our present danger is very impressive and as I am feeling really tired, you may as well drive,’ he said coolly.

‘Get real! I’ve no idea how to drive whatever it is we’re in.’

‘It is a transalmobilater, cylindrical in shape, and I like to keep it translucent. It is the latest version and very easy to drive. Just use your head. You know where to go.’ He pulled his blue hair over his face, leaned forward, yawned and to my amazement went to sleep.

The dot of light in the distance was slowly becoming larger. I turned to look at Beluvious and the transalmobilater rolled and shook violently.

Beluvious yawned loudly and stretched his arms. ‘I have not asked much of you. Just concentrate on your driving. I do not want to be disturbed again with the Remandials’ lassoes bouncing off us. Be more considerate, will you?’

He readjusted his hair and slumped forward again. I focused on the dot of light, which was now the size of a five-cent coin. I looked to the right and felt our movement rotate clockwise. I looked to the left and we rotated slowly in the other direction. As well as controlling the transalmobilater’s direction with my eyes, I discovered I could control its speed by thinking. Keeping my vision on the ever-growing light I managed to keep the transalmobilater steady. Eventually the circle of light grew large enough for me to see blue sky.

We emerged from the tunnel into a city with tall buildings. I steered the transalmobilater towards the ground and slowed it to a halt.

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