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When we all lived in tribes or villages the youngest members were nurtured and then shown the ways that were needed for them to survive and later support the tribe. 


They learnt from the elders who passed on their knowledge and tribal experiences which they could implement when they were of an age that the tribe accepted. 


The initiation ceremonies were the acknowledgements of their reaching an age in which they then became an adult member and ready to support the tribe with the training they had been given and had also observed. Today our societies have changed this scenario for our young.


Many are nurtured outside of the family and many are informed that they can be whatever they want to be and many are rewarded with medals for just being there.


They are then left at a semi-adult age to work out for themselves their role in the big world tribe and unfortunately they don’t all make it.


It is probably time for the adults to take back the reins but… is it too late?


Do they even want to when all they have to do today is use a bandaid?


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ISBN: 978-1-876697-21-1
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 148
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

This book is a work of fiction.
The author asserts her moral rights.

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- Leanne Jackson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2019
Language: English


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In the author’s previous books, she has often followed the lines of involving both fact and fiction to create her point.


Again this book contains the many facts of what the children of today are experiencing. Many of the experiences will not be of a benefit to them and the bandaid solution will not be of much help either.


With her background in natural therapies and hypnotherapy she has personally observed the negative outcomes in some adults to the programming given to them as children. Today’s society has now introduced many more negatives into the lives of our children so, will these also be given the bandaid treatment?


By pointing this out she hopes for the sake of the children that there might be a chance for change. 






To all the children who have grown up and to all the children in the process of doing so, I hope that your growth can be one of truth and correct positive direction.


Chapter 1 




Most people would be aware of what a bandaid is, or have used a bandaid, or even have a packet of bandaids in the medical cupboard in case they need to use one.

These wonderful little quick bandages were invented in America in 1920 and they are now available in most other countries in the world.

They are so practical and quick to use for most small injuries. They cover the tiny wound and absorb any small flow of blood and they protect clothing from being blood stained. They protect the wound from other infections and they allow the wound time to heal. The healing process kicks in and the wonderful built in mechanism of repair takes place and before long we can remove the bandaid and all is perfect again.

This is the true and proper role of a bandaid.

However, at one stage it was that loving mums discovered another use. This was that an excessive crying and upset child with maybe just the tiniest of a wound on their finger or knee would miraculously stop crying if a bandaid was applied and they could no longer see the wound. The upsetting sight was no longer there and the flesh-coloured bandaid had now made it disappear and peace was restored.

There could be follow up strategies taken by the parent. If the child had endangered itself by touching a forbidden item then the correct scolding would take place. If it had been caused by an object or situation that should not have been there, then the parent would go about rectifying it to remove the danger. If it was simply an accident with no other overtones then the child would be made aware of it for future times and of how to avoid it.

Common sense prevailed.

The wound healed, the bandaid was removed and life carried on normally in the world of common sense.

Common sense has now disappeared.

Maybe the blame can be put partly onto the loving mums and their thoughtful gestures in placing bandaids over situations that were upsetting their child at the time. Maybe they should have just let their child face the awful sight and scolded them or explained to them how to cope and rectify the upset.

Because it now appears that these children having now grown up and who are even now in leadership positions, find it perfectly normal to apply the ‘bandaid’ remedy to most of the problematic situations which now prevail in today’s world.

It appears it is easier and more peaceful to just cover the situation with a bandaid solution which will stop the people crying out. They will keep their highly-paid jobs and if the situation is covered and hidden then the fuss is over. There is no need then to scold the appropriate people, rectify the original actions or amend them, and to just accept that accidents can occur.

Pretend peace restored and common sense still missing. 




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