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Atlantis Press Pty. Ltd. T.A Zeus Publications

Zeus Publications Australia  commenced business in 1997, as Australia's first e-book publisher and on line e-bookshop.

Now, we give aspiring new authors a chance to have their work published in traditional paperback format. We publish books of all genres, with the exception of pornography.

Our team is experienced in all facets of the publishing industry  with collectively over 100 years experience in the media in marketing, sales, promotion, management and production. 

In addition, we have experienced and published writers on team to evaluate manuscripts for new authors. Our creative team understands the need for cover art which reflects the feelings and story of particular books.

Zeus Publications is a new-generation, full-service, publishing company that offers authors an exceptional alternative to pursuing limited access to traditional publishing houses. We are a custom publisher, which means that our personal service and the care we take with each author and each title is customized to the author's needs. 

Our goal is to meet your publishing needs and to deliver the book you've always wanted, a book you can be proud of.

Zeus Publications offers individuals, corporations, community programs, and organizations professional one-on-one attention. We understand the importance and uniqueness of your project. That is why we put our effort and experience into partnering with you for the successful publication of your book. Zeus Publications helps you define your goals and shape your book to achieve those goals.

We work for you. As a fee-based publisher, our new technology, new services and new ideas can help create, produce and market a successful book, even if you’ve never written or published before.

Where are our books printed? All books for Australian authors are printed in Australia - all books for overseas authors and books distributed overseas are printed in either the United States of America or the United Kingdom.  We believe in supporting the local industry and workforce wherever possible.



Zeus Publications provides the expertise and resources needed to produce and distribute your book. We’ll help with your manuscript, honour your creative ideas, and do everything necessary to complete your publishing project—from consulting to editing to design to print production to marketing and distribution.


Why do we publish books?  Read Sandra's story below:

Sandra’s Story 

 A true account of how Zeus Publications started from humble beginnings and the reason we started the company. 

I was always writing short stories when I was young and lived with the dream of one day writing a great novel. That day came in the early 90s when I sat down and wrote by hand (we didn’t have a computer then) a 160,000 word novel “It Begins but Never Ends”.  

My husband Bruce bought a second-hand computer and, self taught, copied the manuscript into word.  Like most first time authors I believed my story to be good; a compelling and exciting read. So naturally I was very disappointed when I kept getting rejection letters from every publisher I sent it to.  

I was determined to have it published and naively went down the road of Vanity Publishing.  

Minerva Press in London gave me an excellent report and offered me a contract. Filled with excitement and blinded by the fact I was going to be a published author I eagerly paid the cost of five thousand pounds to have my book published.  

Money I might add I didn’t have; I had to borrow.  

A year later I had a box of books in my hand and a great feeling; this was it! How wrong I was. Not only was there no promotion or marketing, no book shops in Australia or anywhere else could or would purchase Minerva Press Books. I was left out high and dry! 

All I could do was buy my own books at a discount and try to sell them. Why didn’t I do self publishing? It would have been the same, but no, I believed everything Minerva told me about what they would do, and truly believed I would recoup some of my money. After a year of pleading with Minerva to help in any way possible I realized I had been conned. Like thousands of other first time authors’ world wide I was left broke and disillusioned with nothing but a shattered dream. 

My husband Bruce then started to look closely into the publishing world and carried out a great deal of research. E Books (electronic books) were just starting to take off in America and that seemed the cheapest and easiest way to get my book out there. Six months later Zeus Publications was born; in the spare room in our modest one bedroom unit.  

We offered authors a free service to have their books published on a disk and sold over the internet. Instead of feeling bitter about my experience in publishing I made a promise to myself to do all I could to help first time authors to realize their dream and not be conned by ruthless vanity publishers like I was.  

The hype of the great future of ebooks dimmed after a few years and when we went from breaking even to losing money, we decided to look seriously at traditional paper publishing. And that is where we are today. Giving a service for a minimum charge (to cover our costs) and to do the best we can with what we have to help authors.  

All we ask in return is respect for the job we do and to be treated with kindness. Publishing is a difficult business and many authors have unrealistic expectations and blame us when we can’t perform miracles. Having your book published can be a miracle in itself.  

Sandra L. Rogers         


Read what some of our Authors say:


I was finally able to pick up the books from the local post office, and I just want to say what a brilliant job Bruce and the team at Zeus have done! It is everything I imagined the book to be, first rate quality, print job and presentation. I know it's a big book and relatively expensive but it was so important to me to get the book presenting right - and you've achieved that... Stephen Denham (A Plate of Eggs)


To all at Zeus Publishing, 

I'm  very happy with the way the book turned out. A big thank you to everyone who contributed in some way towards the production of my book.

Thanks once again everyone, well done! 

Yours Sincerely, Alan Barron


Dear Gail, 

All done! Thank you. I'm officially signing off.
I must add - I really loved the two leaves at the end. Very heart warming. Well done! Thank you for that too.
It's a great pleasure to work with such caring people.

Yes! I love the cover!  Tell Bruce - thank you!!! He's really caught the mood. There's no way I could ever bear to read this one again. But when I saw the cover design my stomach somersaulted.
So you'll know - Your timing is immaculate. Tomorrow is my 84th birthday and I do NOT like getting old.
Kindest regards to all at Zeus.....Dulcie Stone - author Autumn Music


Dear Bruce 

This is to let you know that I am very pleased with the publication (and the look) of my book Nobody Reads the Credits. My copies arrived yesterday. 

I would like to record my appreciation of the good work of editor, Gail Tagarro and cover designer, Clive Dalkins. They were a pleasure to work with. I am grateful for their professionalism, help and understanding every step of the way. Not forgetting evaluator, Leanne Saunders, who saw merit in my manuscript.  

So, a big thank you to everyone involved..... Gordon Carr


To Whom It May Concern: 

When I was searching for a publisher for my manuscript (which became Beyond the Boundary: a memoir exploring ethics, politics and spirituality) I was fortunate to  discover Zeus Publications and their co-publishing arrangements. Zeus is well organised providing supportive editorial and marketing arrangements which complement the ability of an author who is willing to share editorial responsibility in the production of their work and undertake a marketing strategy as appropriate for their work. Their website selling is a plus not always available outside the major publishers. 

In my own case I have achieved a literary and sales outcome which I believe to be as satisfactory as would have been the case with a major, front-line publisher. In less than six months after publication I have recouped all costs so that the venture is modestly profitable. But more importantly I have the satisfaction of getting my story and its ideas into most of the arenas I had hoped.  

In the harsh world of publishing,  success will be relative to the differing goals of authors, but, in my experience, Zeus  give you the chance to be relatively successful. They provide a viable option to the big end of town when it comes to the publishing industry.  


Dr Noel Preston AM



To Whom It May Concern, 

I have been asked to write a reference for Zeus Publications and I can honestly say that I’ve no reservations about doing so.  

I couldn't have done it myself.  When I think back at the amount of assistance Zeus has given me, I'm really happy I published with them. Zeus staff have been wonderful.  They answer all my questions quickly and arrange radio interviews, book signings and so many things I wouldn't have thought of myself.   

'I'm a member of four writers' groups and have heard a few stories of the difficulties and huge cost of self publication.  This makes me really happy I published with Zeus.  For what they have done for me, their cost is really very affordable and the quality of the printed book is really great.  Everybody compliments the artwork on the cover. 

'I'm treated like a friend when I visit the office of Zeus and they have given me more than value for money.  They've helped me with artwork for displays for the book and given advice about which reader groups they've found difficult to get through to in the past.  They've saved me money and time, and time is a scarce commodity when you're really trying to sell your book. 


Richard Blackburn


Let me say at this point how wonderful it has been for me to work with you all. I have achieved a life long ambition and I am really pleased with the support that you have all given me.
I'll say 'bye' for now but in the words of Sean Connery in his last outing as 007 'Never Say Never'.
Many thanks from Gary.


I am here with my mother and my sister looking at what you have done...Mind you, we have tears in our eyes!!!
Many many Thanks!

Rodrigo - Prisoner of a Dream.


All looks wonderful. Mum is getting very excited....as we all are!! Thanks for all your time & effort. Muchly appreciated.

Regards Toni. (Pestle and Mortar)


Looks awesome!! Thanks for that.....Jenny, (Voyages)


Couscous Threads arrived on my doorstep this morning - a fabulous Easter present.  The cover is wonderfully mysterious and compelling. Should wow them in the marketplace! Please thank Marilyn and all the crew at Zeus. As usual,  an impressive job. Warm wishes, Cynthia


Hello all at Zeus, 
I have had some success in marketing Beer Money, so I would like to thank you all for producing such a great book. I really appreciate it. The Courier Mail is going to do a story on it shortly, and you may have received some overseas orders. So thanks again for being so patient with me. It's all going well. Regards, Matthew Freeman


   I have always been an aspiring writer but my training was in maths/science rather than literature and that was where I had my career.

   Since retiring back in 2004 I have taken up my writing which previously I had always wanted to do but never found the time for. I started with the intention of writing one book only, the idea for which I had been quietly nurturing in my mind for over fifteen years! This book was to be a blending of real science with what has become for me a passionate area of research; ‘life after death’.

   I wanted to put the whole ‘near-death-experience’ or NDE into a scientific setting. This experience, that of the subject being drawn at the point of death through a tunnel towards a bright and loving light, has been reported over and again by thousands of individuals. Moreover the experience cuts across cultures, religions, age differences and gender. Everyone who comes back essentially describes the same ‘core’ experiences.

   So I wrote the book ‘Raised as an Angel’ not because I wanted or expected fame as an author but to simply get the ideas out there in a fictional and entertaining setting which would open up the topic for the ‘everyday person’ who may never have given much thought to spirituality or the continuation of life beyond death. Also it was meant as a kind of ‘grief therapy’ for anyone going through the grief process.

   Now as it turns out actually writing a novel is the EASY part! Getting a publisher interested in a new author is a very difficult task no matter what the quality of the book. This is where I am eternally grateful for the help and support that I have received from Zeus Publications. The staff are extremely professional and caring and they have all taken the time to carefully nurture me as a new author. This has encouraged me to expand on the original story with the writing of two sequels; 'An Angel in the Making’ and ‘Millennium’s End’. 

   Thanks to Zeus I have now achieved a lifelong ambition of becoming a published author. Also I have been given the opportunity of putting forth my own ideas, based on extensive research, on what happens to us when we die.

   Thankyou Zeus, from Gary J. McCleary.  (March 2009).


The books arrived today, and look great. Congratulations to Zeus on the production. The cover has impact, the typefaces chosen are stylish, and the general layout of each Homily and the Homilies as a whole succeed in being attractive to the readers. I'm sure the marketplace will be responsive. Cheers.  -   Ray Cooper


Thank you once again Zeus - as always, efficient and punctual.  The book looks great - once again, thanks very much.  It is very fortuitous; I intend to enter both 'Believing' and 'Cowboy Kurosawa' for the Qld. Premier's lit. Prize - would you believe the forms for entry arrived yesterday, and I take this conjunction, this synchronicity,  as a good omen.  Wish me luck.....John Worth


Hi Marilyn, Clive, as well as you, have both done a great job on the book. Clive with his great cover design and you for the way you set out the manuscript. I am wrapped with what both of you have done.  Thank you. Cheers Alick. (All for a Clawful of Shekles)


That is fantastic, Clive. Many thanks, Richard (Cover for The Regiment)


They look fantastic.  I am delighted with them.  Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into it.  I couldn’t be happier. Could you also thank Clive for the fantastic cover.....Sam (Rolling With The Punches)


It's so exciting seeing my book come to life.  The cover looks great, the colour would ensure it stands out on the shelves and the pics draw interest and intrigue. Thank you it looks great! Regards Deborah Sams  (The Emerald Tablets)


Thank you for all your thought and professionalism in coming up with the right cover for Kadachai, everyone I have shown it to thinks it is very eye catching and I look forward to receiving the completed work.


The books arrived today, and look great. Congratulations to Zeus on the production. The cover has impact, the typefaces chosen are stylish, and the general layout of each Homily and the Homilies as a whole succeed in being attractive to the readers. I'm sure the marketplace will be responsive. Cheers - Ray Cooper (The Stoic Homilies)


woooo Hoooo - hello Zeus,the books arrived today and I must say I am very, very happy with them.  I've already read it from cover to cover and must say it's a great story...ha ha ha ha.They look brilliant and very professional. Very impressed. I'll start some marketing now and try to get the interest up and out into the community.....Tammy H.


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