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 by the children in Papua New Guinea - thank you.



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Zeus Publications is an Australian-owned business that has helped nearly a thousand authors  from around the world to publish their books.

We welcome new submissions - see our author guidelines.

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New and Recent Releases:

him and me cover
Him and Me

A dangerous journey
A Dangerous Journey Home
Eyes of Love
survival against the odds
Survival against the odds
Paradise is underwater
Paradise is Underwater
pulse of power
Pulse of Power
southern cross rising
Southern Cross Rising
The Art of Coffee Cup Reading
From Paris with Love
the improbable reporter
The Improbable Reporter
safe places safe hands
Safe Places Safe Hands
the kiwi connection
The Kiwi Connection

black cargo
Black Cargo
Secrets in Store
red norfolk
Red Norfolk

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"The biggest critics of my books are people who never read them."
.......Jackie Collins

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Zeus Publications is an award–winning publisher with a recognised and trusted brand making us an ideal packaging partner.

We at Zeus employ a group of highly skilled editors and production people and our book designers are some of Australia's finest.

We will work closely with you as partners, ensuring that the book you envision is fully realised. Our flexible and knowledgeable team will assist you through the entire process so that that the final product reflects your wishes, target audience and cost requirements.  Go here for author guidelines.




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Any book donations are gratefully accepted
 by the children in Papua New Guinea - thank you.

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Coming titles

Dragonfly – Bill Hayward

Howling on a Concrete Moon – Simone Bailey

Between Two Pyramids – Leanne Jackson

A Piece of my Mind (Verse and Worse) Barrie Blakeway

Every Soul has Two Lives – Leanne Jackson

Diced Fruit and Yogurt – David Thirgood

And many more....

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Paradise is Underwater – Scoresby Shepherd
Law in a Shrinking World – Gordon Carr
The Gift - Adam Mayhew
The Kiwi Connection - John Meskell
The Formula - To Say To Do To Be - Reverend Peter Rudge
By Touch Alone - Jean Chapman
The Time Before - James H. Mannell
Him and Me - Nick Moran
Red Norfolk - Allan Kashmer
The Improbable Reporter - Kevin Norbury
A Dangerous Journey Home - Hugh Thomson
Southern Cross Rising - R.K. Hale

Tarshan - John Stuart Sullivan
Black Cargo - Vaughan Ponsford

Pulse Of Power - Graham Brammer
The Bridge At Braunau-Am-Inn -Christopher Masterman
The Art Of Coffee Cup Reading - Lana Nicolaou
Wishing On A Dandelion - Marion A. Walsham

Secrets In Store - Lynn Richards
Talk Dirty To Me - Ken Mackenzie
The Phoenix Rising - Helen Ross Lee
To Nurse In A War A World Away - Julia Stuart
The Mortal Beast - The Revelations Trilogy - M.R.J. Mendis
RICKY - Yvonne Kirkegard

Beyond Science -
Ariami Marpisa
Jang, Chief of the Dani - Jean Watson
Bushranger's Curse - Peter Wise

Encounters between Secular and Sacred Knowledge - Peter Rudge
The King's Choice - Tony Rhodes

Survival against the odds - Jutta Vandermeer
Nature of the Beast - Terry Muller
Eyes Of Love
Leanne Jackson
Safe Places, Safe HandsFred Stone

Escape From Skole Graham Brammer
5 Cent Pickle Sayings on behalf of Pickle Me Grandmother -  Jenny Gale
Misunderstood for 2000 years -
Jeremy Rossi
George Overton's Justice – Roger Wood
Plight of the Tivinel - Jeff Pages

Melody Beaucello
- Neill Florence
Speaking of Love - Kim Halik
kurina kuwara milaythina - The Place of the Eagle’s Feather
Tim Matton-Johnson
The Engineer, the Writer and Cosmic Beings - Beatrice Forsyth
Francis Goes to South America - Sonia McNulty
RAR Buddies 2 – Robert Meehan
The Screenplay - Gordon Carr
Snakes in the Jungle - Jim Truscott
Toni - Jason Paarl
Beneath the Surface -  Dr. Michael King
The Lost Heir of Graigmore - Rhonda M. Byrne
Acres of Heartache - Graham J.  Brammer
Short Stories to Change the World - Peter Rudge
The Zzuf Planimals - AshikaPower Ram
Lure of the Dirty Dollar – Ken Mackenzie
Richard, Mario and Manuel in Malelane - Frank J. Taylor
Castle Lanes
John Turlik
The Collector John Porter
Tartan Identity Paul Frisby
Knowledge is Power - Michael Mason
The Blue Crystal -David Thirgood and Kaspar Lembryk-Walsh
Francis Goes to Europe - Sonia McNulty
To Catch a Min Min - John Heussler
- Dulcie Stone
Henry Jordan and theTides of Immigration -Gerald Hugo Rée
How Ed Was Made - Edw.S.Kohler
Thoughts of Libby-
Robyn G. Wall
Jang of the Dani - Jean Watson
The Macarthur Diversion - Roger Wood
The Lamp and other Short Stories - John Lambert
God Without Borders - Paul Weber
Swimming with Medusa - Peter Murray
Eyes of Sense - Leanne Jackson
Skylarking - Adam Mayhew
White Boy Black Country - Colin Webb
From Plato to the Present - a Brief History of Western Knowledge - Peter Rudge
Desert Wisdom - Ian Tarrant
Walk Tall My Sons and Daughters - Evelyn Gordon Dyson
China Chalkie - Jan Curren
Positive Thoughts - Ashika Power Ram
Love, life and death on Tarawong - Annie Handsaker
Silver Studs and Sabre Teeth - Simone Bailey
Cameos - Joan V. Griffiths
Many Shades of Green - Gordon Carr

Daughters of Men - Charles W. Simpson
Ulyurungu Dream  -
David Thirgood
When you haven't got a gun -
David L. Rintel
Deathly Confessions - Christopher Masterman

A Promise Kept - John Lambert
Better late than Never Harvest -  Stephanie Lynn Ryan
Francis the horse that is - Sonia McNulty
Game Show - Carole Roscoe
Dropping the Sausage - Jim Mannell
Send for George Overton - Roger Wood
Resurrection - Ray Wilson
Unbroken Spirit -
Ivy Getchell
RAR Buddies - Bob Meehan
Adam Kelly's Cup - A.M. Harris

A Glorious Adventure - Vicki Holman
Now Anyone Can Fly - Solwazi Khumalo
Identity Theft - Paul Frisby
Caravanning Diaries - Helen C. Godolley
Apocalypse - John Lambert
Two tales of the West - John Lambert

Some Days are Diamonds - Ken MacKenzie
Eyes of Light - Leanne Jackson
The Returning- Alan Wardrope
I Just Want to Feel Good Again - Eileen Fleming

History's a Mystery Once More - Dell Brand
Preaching the Gospel  - Peter Rudge
The Ungodly Ant - Gary J. Burrett
Rainbird's Awakening - Robert Menzies
So! Who's in Bed with your Man? - Friday M. Harding
A Spiritual Handbook for the Modern Era -
Kate Rouse
An Unlikely Textbook for Young Lawyers - Gordon E. Carr
The Banishing Stones - Elizabeth Ward

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